Music Fighters Train To

Jabs and Jams #10: Music Fighters Train To

MMA fighters are always going full bore with arduous training. Motivation can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis but music is a sure-fire means to conjure up those feelings. The fuel to push through those last few reps, that last 100 meters of your run, or that last sparring session of the day. These euphoric feelings can come from genres of all types and fighters sure train to some eclectic tunes.  Some fighters themselves are taking music lessons to help get in the groove. This is Jabs and Jams: Music Fighters Train To.

Music Fighters Train To

Brendan Kornberger

“For me, I’m all about hip hop when I train. I just put on any sort of hip hop that’s got a beat and that’s all I really need. Yeah, that’s about it. Normally it’s like 90’s hip hop. Biggie, Tupac, that kind of stuff. That’s usually my go-to but like I said I don’t discriminate really. If it has a beat that I like and I can move to and get going, then I’m in.”

Jose Shorty Torres

“I’m a very random person with music. I can listen to the new Logic album or whatever. Something to really pump me up. Sometimes I’m too pumped up. It really depends on the day. Something like Russ that’s calm, lyrical music that can be even depressing. Whatever the case may be. It really depends on what I’m trying to listen to. If I’m running outside and I just want to zone out, Sometimes I just listen to nice, chill, lyrical hip hop. Where it’s not talking about the typical women, money, whatever the case may be.”

Continued, “I’m listening to stuff talking about life in general or just upbringing or even just trying to make it out of the neighborhood. Something that actually makes sense. It’s something I understand better than mumble rap. That’s something I’m not into. I really do dislike a lot of the hip hop artists, mainly the stuff on the radio today. But again, it has a great beat and that’s what people get into these days I guess.”

Music Fighters Train To. Transcriptions courtesy of Bowks Talking Bouts

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