Coach Jason Parillo -"If you don't respect Michael Bisping, you're a real f****** c***!"

Coach Jason Parillo -“If you don’t respect Michael Bisping, you’re a real f****** c***!”

Ahead of this weekend’s UFC 219 fight card, Coach Jason Parillo sat down with me on The Loaded Joes MMA podcast. We caught up with each other, since last talking before UFC 217, and coach gave his thoughts on a few subjects…

Parillo gives his thoughts on being interviewed on Loaded Joes:
19:00- “I dont do any other interviews with anybody else like I do with you, I allow you to f****** sit in my kitchen while I drink beers, this is what I do at night. I’m just sitting here, this is what I do every night of my life, I sit right here, what im doing right now, couple beers couple smokes, and I think about fighting.”

Coach gave his thoughts on Bisping:
26:40 – If you’re anybody in the fight game, If you don’t respect Michael Bisping, you’re a real f****** c! You’re a real f****** c! Because at the end of this day this guy, this guy is a true definition of a fighter, and I know he rubs people the wrong way, but you know, the reason why he rubs people the wrong way, is cause a lot of times, you know what rubs you the wrong way is something you see in yourself.”

He gave his thoughts on Robbie Lawler prior to his fight with RDA:

47:12 – “When Robbie Lawler walked in the cage, cocky as all get out, that  m*********** walked in the cage like hes a cock in a bock, and F****** everybody in F****** Winnipeg “Suck my d***”….He walked in that way, and I don’t know if they showed it on camera…he was walking in there like his d*** was swinging bigger than everyone else’s in the room. RDA, I looked at him in the face as he was pacing back and forth, this *m*********** didn’t flinch.”

Gave his honest thoughts on being a Coach in the eyes of critical MMA fans:
55:15 – “My job is like, people are judging my job. Like you see your job judged, no matter what you’re like. I don’t walk into someones office, like when people talk s*** to me on social media for one of my fighters, or, me, because they think I’m a piece of s***, or whatever the f*** its, I’m like “bro I’ve never walked into your F******, if I could walk into your job while you’re F****** sitting at a cubicle, f******, doing, f******, whatever, you’re doing, you’re f****** work… go f*** yourself.”
And finally when asked about Cyborg, Cyborgs camp and what we should expect at UFC 219, he gave his thoughts on that as well.
59:37- “Have you ever seen when F****** Mr.T squared up with Rocky Balboa the first time…Have you ever seen that scene where they said ‘so, Clubber lang, Whats your prediction?’ ‘Pain!'”
1:01:15 – “At this point of Cris Cyborg’s career there’s only one person, there’s only one person that’s gonna beat her, and that’s her, (Cyborg) and that is it. You know and that’s what Holly’s is banking on, but I am F****** banking on not letting that happen.”


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