Invicta FC 49 Jillian DeCoursey

Jillian DeCoursey - Invicta FC 49 - Photo from @damadeferromma on Twitter

Jillian DeCoursey’s Highlight Submission from Invicta FC 49

She said “I CAN” and she did.

Jillian DeCoursey knew the day was coming when she would win a title in Invicta FC. There’s something to be said about visualizing future success. 

All week, the newly crowned Invicta FC 49 atom weight champion was letting her fans know on social media “I CAN.” 

Leading up to the fight, she wrote “people overlooked her, always called her the underdog, put her lower in rankings than girls who turned down fights with her.  She knew what she could do, she kept plugging along. Now she gets to show the world I CAN!!”

A month ago, when Jillian DeCoursey spoke with MyMMANews she talked about her training not just being physical but training her mind to focus on herself instead of focusing on an opponent. That paid off in first-round dividends as she submitted Jessica Delboni in the first round of the main event at Invicta FC 49.

Delboni is no slouch on the ground, so after some striking exchanges where it seemed DeCoursey found a home for that right hand that got her this title shot, Delboni went in for the takedown. 

Delboni was pressuring DeCoursey against the cage, then switching to pick her leg from underneath her DeCoursey turned the tables quickly. When she went after her leg, DeCoursey cinched up her right shoulder of Delboni and let her have the leg, so she could pull her all the way over and wind up on top.

She fired off one shot from the top position that got Delboni to give up her back and from there, it was just a game of patience before she was able to sink the choke for the finish. Very slick work by DeCoursey to win a well-earned title. Check out her handiwork here:

Perfect timing for a perfect win.

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