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Joel Vasquez continuing to sharpen all of his tools – Set for battle at USKA “It’s On!”

The first time that I saw Joel Vasquez, he was fighting in an amateur MMA event at XFE in 2012.  I was convinced that he would go on to have a successful professional fighting career.  Joel has been side-tracked by real life occurrences, including a knee injury.  His return to the cage is surely in the future as he holds a 3-0 amateur MMA record.  For now, he will sharpen his striking in the ring as he takes his second consecutive kick boxing bout for USKA Fight Sports.

Please check out our video interview with Joel Vasquez above.  Joel previews his fight on July 20th in Allentown, PA at USKA “It’s On!” Vasquez has a bright smile, is always ready to fight and remains humble.  Although it has taken longer than he likes, his career is set to blossom and this is just the next chapter in his story.  MyMMANews will be ringside for  live results, post fight interviews and photos.  Stay right here for the best combat sports coverage anywhere, even Area 51!!

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