Johnny Eduardo released from UFC, but won’t retire from MMA

Longtime bantamweight veteran Johnny Eduardo was recently released from the UFC, but the Brazilian says that he won’t retire from MMA.

Eduardo is 43 years old and he was one of the oldest fighters on the UFC roster up until he was released from the promotion earlier this month following a submission loss to Alejandro Perez at UFC Vegas 38. For Eduardo, it was his third straight loss in the Octagon following previous stoppage defeats to Nathaniel Wood and Matthew Lopez. Given that Eduardo went just 3-5 overall in the UFC dating back to 2011, the promotion decided to release him from the roster. The cut was certainly justifiable given his age and his record.

Speaking to AG Fight in a recent interview, Eduardo confirmed his release from the UFC and said that he expected it due to his recent losing skid. However, Eduardo is not looking at the release as a negative. Instead, the veteran is looking at it as a positive as it now gives him the chance to fight for another promotion. Given that he has dealt with visa issues the last few years, perhaps he could sign with a promotion in his native Brazil to be close to home. Either way, Eduardo is at peace with how his UFC career ended.

“I was expecting this (the resignation), as I was already coming from two defeats and came to the third. Unfortunately in the UFC, you speak for the results you show and not what you did for your career. It was very much the result I presented there that made them cut me. But they didn’t cut me, they gave me an opportunity to migrate somewhere else. Now I have to sit down with my manager and see the next steps to be taken,” Eduardo said.

What do you think is next for Johnny Eduardo following his exit from the UFC?

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