Jon Tuxford vs. Adam Atiyeh

Jon Tuxford vs. Adam Atiyeh - Photo by William McKee

Jon Tuxford jacked up for Adam Atiyeh rematch and his belt at Art of War 3

Jon “Lionheart” Tuxford remembers every vivid detail about his first fight with Adam “The Archangel” Atiyeh.

“I just needed to pull the trigger and I didn’t.  This time, it will be very, very different!”

Tuxford lost a unanimous decision to Atiyeh at X Fights 2 in 2016 and Atiyeh has never let him forget it.

“The Archangel” is a master manipulator on social media. He has constantly taken shots and gotten under the skin of his opponents and verbally assaulted Gracie 717, where Lionheart calls home now.  Adam is coming off of the best performance of his career at Art of War 1 where he went the distance against Jon’s undefeated teammate, Shane “Tank” Wilson.  Adam’s boxing and cardio were the best I have seen them and he also looked like he had a plan that he executed brilliantly, giving Wilson his first defeat and winning the AOW light heavyweight title.Jon Tuxford

Jon has been studying jiu-jitsu for many years now and would love to finish the fight with a slick submission.

“Anyone can get a knockout.  Sure, that would be nice, but I would love to finish him, make him give up. Yeah!”

Jon feels like he is fighting for himself and his team.  He is tired of Atiyeh and some others running their mouths and sticking their noses where they don’t belong.

Tuxford is looking for payback. Make no mistake, he despises Atiyeh and feels like he is the better fighter despite the result of their first encounter. This Saturday night from the Lanco Fieldhouse, just outside of Lancaster, PA, the rematch goes down at Art of War 3.  AOW promoter Mike Bickings has wanted to put this fight together for some time, and now it takes even more meaning with a title on the line.

You must listen below to my talk with Lionheart. It’s an unfiltered, uncensored, ball of fire.  He promises that he will save his adrenaline for the fight, but I surely got some out of him as we talked about the past, present and future. MyMMANews will be cageside at Art of War 3.  We will carry up to the minute results and a full recap to go along with our hallmark amazing photos!



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