Jose "Shorty" Torres , Cryotherapy

Jose “Shorty” Torres Talks Injury, Recovery through Cryotherapy, Future

The cryotherapy chamber at GoPolar Cryotherapy in Lemont, Illinois is cold. A chilling -230 degrees Fehrenheit cold to be exact. Many professional athletes turn to alternative therapy places such as this for recovery. Current Titan FC Flyweight and Bantamweight champion Jose “Shorty” Torres is another athlete that has noticed the benefits of cryotherapy.

Torres defeated Farkhad Sharipov, May 19, to caputre his second Titan FC title, but severely injured his hand in the process.

“GoPolar (Cryotherapy) is seriously like a ManSpa or AtheleteSpa. You get to recover after weeks of hard work,” Torres stated.

“I don’t have to ice as much. Doing cryotherapy speeds up my recovery (as) my body goes into survival mode instead of thinking ‘I am cold and trying to recover that one place.’ It helps recover my whole body, not just my hand and my knee, and I’m also able to localize the cryotherapy into straight on my hand and knee. It helps so much.”

Torres has an estimated timetable of 6-8 weeks recovery before he will able to return to competition. But what does the future of competition hold for the two-belt champion? It has been suggested by many that Torres should be fighting in the UFC at this point but so far, has only been contacted about the Contender Show which he had to reject due to his injuries. But the injuries aren’t the only reason Torres turned down the show.

“The big thing right now is the Contender Show which I believe airs in July. And I have been called to do that which is the only call I have received. The biggest thing is, I don’t want to be on a show. I know the contracts after ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, if they are the same on the Contender Series, are not the best. And it holds very good fighters … its hard. Me? I’m a young athlete, I don’t believe I need a show to be in UFC. I’m 24-years old, 5-0 and a very dominate champion right now.”

Discussing his potential options during the leg compression sessions, it’s difficult to overlook the urge Torres has for his future. With no other UFC options on the table, Torres continues to recover for his return to Titan FC.

“The next show is in August. There will be a contender fight between the top two flyweight fighters and two top bantamweight fighters. Whoever wins those fights will be the next two guys I fight.”

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