Sergio Da Silva pleads not guilty to bank robbery back in court in April

Jury finds Sergio Da Silva guilty of bank robbery, fighter plans appeal

Yesterday a Queens, New York Supreme Court jury found professional mixed martial artist, Sergio Da Silva, guilty of 3rd-degree robbery.

Da Silva was on trial for an August 2017 bank robbery in Astoria where police say an estimated $50,000 was taken.

Bank tellers at the Citibank state that Da Silva threatened to shoot them.

The fighter faced up to 30-years in prison but since it could not be proven that Da Silva had a weapon on him at the time, the 1st-degree robbery charge was dismissed.

The New York fighter’s fingerprints were found at the scene and video surveillance shows a masked man of similar build leaping over a counter at the scene.

Prosecution state that Da Silva later gambled more than $30,000 of the money at two casinos.

Da Silva pled not guilty to the charges in January.  Earlier this week the son of late mob boss John Gotti showed up in court to testify in defense of the martial artist.

Da Silva’s attorney, David Fish, told TMZ Sports his client is planning to appeal.

Fish also said, “Thanks to the insight of the jury, he walked out of court a free man Thursday and was not convicted of any violent offense.”

Da Silva’s sentencing is set for February 28. He now faces a maximum of 7-years behind bars.

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