Kennedy responds to Sonnen – “I will happily choke him out”

Kennedy responds to Sonnen – “I will happily choke him out”

Earlier we reported that Chael Sonnen had some choice words for UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy regarding the recent “stoolgate” situation that came out of UFC 178’s fight with Yoel Romero.

Read Sonnen’s advice to Kennedy here:

In an email response to Kennedy said this:

Chael is being an ignorant idiot that evidently doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about. (Except for me being an American hero which totally true. j/k) I didn’t walk back to Yoel, Yoel was chasing me down after the fight trying to apologize for cheating. Watch the video. It’s very clear that is exactly what happened. I haven’t said a thing for the past five weeks all I’ve been doing is hunting. But I guess I shouldn’t worry about it. It’s coming from a retired, PED using felon. Maybe he’s trying to promote a fight in Metamoris and if that is the case I will happily choke him out.”

Ralek Gracie if you are reading this…… fans would love to see Sonnen return to the Metamoris platform, this time against Kennedy.  Please make it happen.

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