Kratom & Energy Drink Makes The Perfect Potent Combination

Kratom & Energy Drink Makes The Perfect Potent Combination

On its own, Kratom produces desirable benefits for the body. It reduces discomfort, aids in relaxation, and boosts motivation and mental enthusiasm. Kratom is usually taken as a tisane, but adventurous Kratom enthusiasts have found that mixing Kratom with energy drinks creates unique perks for the user.  

Mixing Kratom with an energy drink can amplify the benefits. The energy drink’s revitalizing properties combine with Kratom’s wellness-enhancing benefits to elevate cheerfulness and support motivation. Kratom and energy drinks make the perfect potent combination due to the complementary characteristics each one brings out when you take them together.

How Does Kratom Work?

Kratom is a botanical native to Southeast Asia and has been used by the local populations for centuries to reduce stress, boost vitality, and support daily activities. Kratom grows in warm, mineral-rich soil and is harvested according to the strain the grower wishes to produce. It is then dried, either in direct UV sunlight or indoor drying rooms. Once dry, the leaves are ground to a fine powder and sold to consumers. 

Kratom’s benefits are due to the two potent alkaloids present in the plant’s leaves, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids work with the body’s opioid receptors to produce Kratom’s wellness perks. 

Typically there is around a 2% alkaloid content found in powdered Kratom. When users mix Kratom powder with a liquid or swallow Kratom capsules, they report experiencing better mental clarity, boosted motivation, a higher level of vitality, and more restful relaxation time.

How Do Energy Drinks Work?

Energy drinks are a synthetic supplement that purports to increase your energy level, help you focus, and give you a physical boost. There are hundreds of energy drinks on the market, and most of them fall into the same category as bottled sports drinks, water, ready-to-drink tea and coffee, and soda in terms of sales and marketing. 

As of 2020, energy drink sales have reached $57.4 billion worldwide, reflecting their popularity as a pick-me-up for those seeking an energy boost. 

Energy drinks provide users with a boost in the form of sugar and caffeine. Like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, caffeine is a naturally occurring alkaloid found in botanicals. Although formulas vary across brands, most energy drinks include the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, around 80 mg. In the body, caffeine works to block adenosine, a chemical responsible for sleep. This blocking mechanism causes adrenaline to surge as your body releases sugar into your bloodstream through a complex chain of reactions. This results in feelings of increased energy or alertness. In addition to caffeine, energy drinks often contain around 12 teaspoons of sugar, which is metabolized by your liver and provides a short-term boost of energy. 


Kratom and Energy Drink Together

When combining Kratom and energy drinks, two main questions arise. The first is whether mixing the two is safe. The second is to consider what positive outcomes combining the two elements can give you.


Is it Safe?

When it comes to the safety of using Kratom and energy drinks together, there are few things to consider. There are no studies on Kratom and energy drinks in combination, but there are studies on each substance separately. 

While Kratom is generally thought to be safe in small, monitored servings. Those who use Kratom should always be aware of how it may interact with other substances or medical conditions. Energy drinks are also considered safe on their own; however, they are not considered healthy due to the amount of sugar they contain and the effect that overuse may have on sleep patterns.  

Kratom and energy drinks are both safe on their own, as long as you consume them in moderation. The same tenant works for using them together. As long as you start with small amounts, monitor your intake, and pay attention to how the combination affects your body, using Kratom and energy drinks together is likely safe for most people. 


Potential Positive Effects

Considering the wellness perks that Kratom provides for its users and the efficacy of energy drinks for boosting energy and focus, it makes sense that together, these two substances can offer further benefits to those who mix them. 

Users who have tried this potent combination report:

  • Intense level of cognitive clarity
  • Boosted physical motivation
  • Heightened sense of alertness
  • Relaxed mental stimulation
  • Balanced feelings of calmness and excitement
  • Supported sense of accomplishment and confidence

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Kratom and Energy Drink Combos

Kratom is typically sold in different colored strains. These strains are white, green, and red and get their name from the colors produced by the varying harvest times and drying methods of Kratom plants. Those who regularly use Kratom say that each strain produces different perks. By artfully combining energy drink flavors and Kratom strains, you can enjoy various potential benefits.

White vein Kratom reportedly offers a motivational boost and improves your emotional outlook. For those looking to gain mental motivation to get through an important project deadline or boost their power to accomplish physical tasks, mixing white Kratom with an energy drink is an option to try out. White vein Kratom pairs well with citrus-flavored energy drinks, like lime, orange, and other tropical flavors. 

Red Kratom has a reputation for giving users a feeling of calm and supporting relaxation. Some red Kratom has a chocolate undertone, making it a perfect choice to mix with fruit-flavored energy drinks, like strawberry, cherry, and raspberry. It also works in the mash-up variety of energy drinks that feature chocolate and coffee-type flavors. 

You can find red Kratom online cheap and mix it with an energy drink to offset the jitters that come with consuming too much caffeine. That way, you stay calm and relaxed while also gaining focus from the energy drink.

Green vein Kratom users say this strain gives a middle-of-the-road experience. While it lifts your overall sense of wellbeing, it can also keep you in a peaceful state of mind. This makes it perfect for combining with an energy drink. It may enhance the vitality you feel from the drink while also keeping the caffeine jitters at bay. Green Kratom makes an excellent match with energy drink flavors like lemonade, blueberry, pomegranate, and more exotic flavors like acai or goji berry.  

Mix Adventurously

Take the time to mix and match your combinations of Kratom and energy drinks. If you have a favorite strain of Kratom, choose an energy drink with a flavor that will complement its undertones. Likewise, if you already have a favorite energy drink, pick a strain of Kratom that addresses your particular needs and mix it in. Kratom and energy drinks work together to help you maintain an elevated level of interest in whatever you are doing and enjoy a subtly relaxed feeling throughout the day. 


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