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Lateesha Mohl continuing her journey at Art of War 3 Interviews MMA News 

Lateesha Mohl continuing her journey at Art of War 3

Lateesha Mohl has always been a very quick learner.  The exciting 21-year old fighter played softball for 13 years and was always very athletic growing up.  She decided to try her hand at boxing.  She took to it so quickly, that people around her suggested she get in the cage and do this “MMA thing.”Lateesha Mohl, Art of War 3

After matching up against bigger opponents and being thrown to the wolves, Mohl relocated to Ephrata MMA and is coming off of her first victory.

Training with reigning Art of War 135 lb. champion, Ben Moser, and the rest of the team, Mohl has gained confidence in every aspect of her game.  Her boxing and striking has always been the  strongest part of her game.  Now that she’s gotten almost a year to roll around on the mat, observe, and soak it all in, she is very comfortable and even said ” I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a submission.  I know my opponent ( Chriszaida Adames from Martinez BJJ) is from a very good school known for their jiu-jitsu, but I believe I can win this fight if it goes to the ground.”

This Saturday, October 14, Mohl gets the chance to test herself at Art of War 3 inside the Lanco Fieldhouse, just outside of historic Lancaster PA.

She is fighting once again at a heavier weight than her ultimate goal.  This battle is at 115 lbs. and in the future, 105 lbs. would be her ideal weight-class.

In the meantime, Mohl will not have to cut much weight and will continue to learn.  After speaking with her, I can tell fighting is in her blood.  She travels over an hour each way to train on a daily basis.  That is dedication.  Please listen  below and get to know Lateesha Mohl.  MyMMANews will be cageside with live updates, results and photos.


Lateesha Mohl, Art of War 3

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'Beautiful' Bob Meloni

'Beautiful' Bob Meloni

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