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Leon Edwards UFC UFC Vegas 21

Leon Edwards weighs in for his fight again Rafael dos Anjos in July 2019. Image Credit: Getty Images

Leon Edwards reveals advice Nate Diaz gave him post fight

Leon Edwards walked away from UFC 263 with a win over Nate Diaz and some good advice as well. Edwards defeated Diaz by way of unanimous decision and may have secured his way to a title shot. With a title shot comes money, usually, but according to Diaz, Edwards needs to make sure he is paid what he deserves.

“Nate told me after the fight “don’t let these motherfu–ers tell you ain’t sh-t name your price or they will name it for you” and I felt that,” Edwards wrote on Twitter.

Fighter pay has been hot button issue lately. Many fighters have been upset with the UFC and the bosses at the top regarding pay. Recently Jon Jones and Paulo Costa are among the top names who have decided to sit out of fights due to pay negotiations. Jones has been vocal about wanting to be paid as much or more than the top boxers of today. With the onslaughter of MMA fighters leaving the UFC for boxing and getting paid the most of their careers, it makes sense that more fighters will be speaking out.

Edwards has already been out of competition for over a year prior to his return at UFC Vegas 21. His reasoning for the layoff was waiting for suitable opponents. Edwards was looking for top opponents that come with top pay. He seemed to have found that in the Diaz fight. Diaz is one of the top draws in the sport. Now moving forward, Edwards needs to navigate his way around the top of a stacked division, especially if the title fight is not coming immediately.

Although Edwards won the fight, there are still doubts that he has done enough to warrant a title shot next. Edwards could be putting himself in a great position to ask for a big-money fight while waiting his turn at the champ. However, rocking the boat is dangerous, and Edwards was already removed from the rankings recently for failing to take a fight.

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