LFA 58 Recap and Results from Legends Theater

LFA 58 Recap and Results from Legends Theater

Legends Theater inside the Route 66 Casino hosted Legacy Fighting Alliance, as they held their debut event in New Mexico. LFA 58 was headlined by Clovis Sheriff Deputy “Fightbot” Harvey Park vs. Memphis, Tennessee’s Jaleel “The Realist” Willis.

The two-fight under card started off with Jalin Fuller vs. Andre Lipp in a 180-pound catchweight affair. Fuller would make a successful pro debut punishing Lipp to the body with teaps, sidekicks, and straight punches scoring to the head, en route to all three judges scoring all three rounds in his favor.

The second undercard bout took us to Flyweight for Javier Cepeda vs. Ricky Esquible. Cepeda showed his wrestling chops stuffing the Esquible take downs, finding his way to top position landing some heavy ground and pound. A couple years away from the cage, Cepeda worked the rust off, while still showing his sharp hands and low leg kicks. After three rounds the judges returned a unanimous decision in favor of Javier Cepeda.

The AXS TV main card kicked off with Israel’s Natan Levy from Syndicate MMA vs. Henry Barahona from JacksonWink MMA at Featherweight. The first round saw Levy score big with a heel kick followed by a spinning back-fist. Barahona would take the fight to ground, but was unable to score escaping from several triangle choke attempts from Levy. Round two, Levy would catch a kick and follow Barahona to the mat. Barahona would survive being mounted and an omplata attempt. Barahona would take Levy into a grueling clinch battle in the third round, but Levy would still find space to stick Barahona with knees to the mid-section. After three rounds the judges returned a unanimous decision for Natan Levy.

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Next came Welterweight action with Maycon Mendonca from Blackhouse vs. Josh Moreno from Jackson’s MMA. Moreno would come out scoring with leg kicks to Mendonca’s lead leg. Mendonca would answer with kicks to the body. By the end of the first Mendonca had a few times tested the Moreno chin with hooks, capitalizing on Moreno dropping his hands. In the second round Mendonca would continually score with his left hook, capitalizing on low hand position from Moreno on his exits from exchanges. With a busted nose and a laceration under his left eye Moreno went for the finish in the third throwing bombs, putting Mendonca on his back foot until the Brazilian scored a late take down. Moreno gives a last effort to get back to his feet, but in doing so gave his back and was stuck on the ground at the sound of the final bell. The judges returned a unanimous decision in favor of Maycon Mendonca.

Next came at Lightweight with Sherwin Price from Fit NHB vs. Flavin Pilgrim from BMF Ranch and JacksonWink. Price comes out looking to use his leg kicks, Pilgrim counters with low push kicks. Price then went to explode forward with a right hand and Pilgrim countered with his own right hook, landing flush for a one-punch knockout.

Vincent Fricilone from Factory X vs. Luis Gavinho from Fit NHB at Featherweight. Gavinho came out to establish his dominance uncorking two nasty right uppercuts. The onslaught would continue as Gavinho attacked the body with a step in knee and left hook. The Brazilian would then end the fight with a step-in jumping left knee knockout.

Donald Sanchez from Tier One Martial Arts and JacksonWink vs. Fernando Padilla from Team Oyama at Lightweight. By the end of round one Sanchez had a bloody from jabs and a tender left leg from the Padilla kicks. Padilla would continue to focus his attack on Sanchez’s left leg. Sanchez would go down from a leg kick, Padilla stands over Sanchez dropping punches, Sanchez searching for a leg lock, after a few punches the ref would jump in waiving a stop to the contest. Your winner Fernando Padilla by second round TKO.

The co-main event Demetrious Wilson from Wolves Den & Workout Headz vs. Joby Sanchez from JacksonWink at Flyweight. Sanchez the aggressor in round one working behind his jab. The first 90 seconds of the second round, Wilson would get back in the fight with his leg kicks. The second half of the second round Sanchez would score with his boxing combinations and scored a take down spending the last 30 seconds of the round on top. The third round would see Sanchez remain in control feeding Wilson a steady diet on jabs. At the end of three round the judges return a unanimous decision in favor of Joby Sanchez.

Main event Jaleel Willis from Memphis Judo & Jiu Jitsu vs. Harvey Park from Force of One Martial Arts at Lightweight. Willis went to employ his wrestling but Park was able to nullify the attempts. A Park left uppercut/hook drops Willis. Park swarms and his knee may have hit a downed Willis. Willis is covering up in half guard. Park reigning down punches as the ref jumps in. Upon review of the replay, the referee missed Park’s left knee making contact with Willis head, while Willis was a grounded opponent. The connection doesn’t appear to have been substantial. The official result is a first round TKO victory for Harvey Park.

AXS TV Main Card @ 8 PM MST
155: Harvey Park (10-2) def. Jaleel Willis (9-2) by TKO (punches) 3:17 R2
125: Joby Sanchez (12-4) def. Demetrious Wilson (6-3) by (30-27, 29-28 x2) unanimous decision
155: Fernando Padilla (12-3) def. Donald Sanchez (31-20) by TKO (strikes) 1:27 R2
145: Luis Gavinho (9-4) def. Vincent Fricilone (8-2) by KO (flying left knee) 0:40 R1
155: Flavian Pilgrim (5-1) def. Sherwin Price (5-2) by KO (right hook) 0:50 R1
170: Maycon Mendonca (7-4) vs. Josh Moreno (4-1) by (29-28, 30-27 x2) unanimous decision
145: Natan Levy (3-0) def. Henry Barahona (3-4) by unanimous decision
Prelims @ 6 PM MST
125: Javier Cepeda (1-0) def. Ricky Esquibel (3-3) by (30-27, 29-28 x2) unanimous decision
180: Jalin Fuller (1-0) def. Andrew Lipp (1-2) by (30-27 x3) unanimous decision

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