Lights Out Xtreme Fighting LXF 5 Results

Lights Out Xtreme Fighting returned Saturday night with LXF 5 from the Commerce Casino in Commerce, California. 

It’s been a rough road for sports and combat sports in general but on Fubo Sports Network LXF 5 aired live and free for those using the service on the fubo TV platform. Shawn Merriman’s mixed martial arts promotion held their first event since the pandemic shut them down and MyMMANews was along for the ride with live results.

Gilbert Nakatani vs. Benji Gomez

Nakatani played range with leg kicks early in round one forcing Gomez against the cage. A risky game to play because it seemed with his back against the wall, Gomez fired off more offense that would make Nakatani clinch. That seemed to benefit Nakatani though as he was able to lift Gomez and slam him to a finish. An injury to Gomez’s arm when he landed may have helped get the finish but either way, it was a great way to open up the broadcast.

Aaron La Farge vs. Artur Arutyunyan

The first round had Arutyunyan put pressure on La Farge early with strikes and grappling. However, it proved to be too much too soon as when he got taken down and had to fight off his back, while La Farge was able to recover from the early attack and survive the round. In round two, La Farge recognized the success with his wrestling and he did more of what helped him in round one. So much so, he used to it to wear down Arutyunyan enough to submit him in round two.

Arnold Jimenez vs. Marcos Bonilla

Bonilla was taken to the ground in round 1 where Jimenez would grind him into exhaustion. Round two saw the same thing happen, even with Jimenez slipping, he showed the ground was his ocean against Bonilla. Round three, showed more of the same where a tired Bonilla was easily taken down by Jimenez. Jimenez would win by decision.

Maksim Manukyan  vs. Joseph Keith

Manukyan made his pro debut in dominant fashion when he finished the 1-1 Joseph Keith in the first round with a slam and a TKO.

Dominic Clark  vs. Mike Segura 

Early in round one, Clark seemed to get caught and dropped where he had defended from the ground. However, once he recovered the round was his as he reversed position and wound up taking the round from Segura. Round two, had Clark work more of his magic on the ground. Round three was more of the same to secure the win for Clark.

Leon Shahbazyan vs. Moses Murrietta

Murrietta was able to impose his striking on Shahbazyan early in round one, sending him to the canvas where he rained down punches and elbows forcing the stoppage from the referee.

Erick  Gonzalez  vs. Samuel  Alvarez 

In the main event, Gonzalez seemed to show Alvarez that jiu-jitsu is only a small part of what is required to compete in MMA. Leading up to the fight, Alvarez seemed to scoff at Gonzalez’s blue belt in jiu-jitsu against his brown belt rank. But by now, fans and hobbyists know it only takes a few strikes to even up the skill level in an MMA fight and that’s what Gonzalez did for three rounds. Yes, Alvarez did threaten some submissions, but it wasn’t anything a few strikes could not get him out of and pick up the win decisive victory.

Check out the quick results here:

Erick “The Ghost Pepper” Gonzalez  defeats  Samuel “The Alley Cat” Alvarez via unanimous decision (29-27, 30-26, 20-26)

Moses Murrietta defeats Leon Shabazyan at 3:01 of round via TKO in round 1.

Dominic Clark  defeats Mike Segura via unanimous decision (30-27,29-28, 30-27)

Maksim Manukyan defeats Joseph Keith via TKO at 1:46 of round 1

Arnold Jimenez defeats Marcos Bonilla via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27, 30-27)

Aaron La Farge defeats Artur Arutyunyan via submission at 3:31  of round 2.

Gilbert Nakatani defeats Benji Gomez at 3:12 of round 1 via TKO.

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