Lingerie Fighting Championships to launch film studio

Lingerie Fighting Championships to launch film studio

Las Vegas, NV – July 25, 2017 – – Lingerie Fighting Championships, Inc. (“LFC”) (OTC Pink:BOTY) announced today they plan to add a feature film division in 2018. The controversial sports entertainment company will follow in the footsteps of WWE who have been producing films since 2002.Lingerie Fighting Championships to launch film studio

“We have been approached by several production companies wanting to co-produce with us,” said Shaun Donnelly, LFC’s Chief Executive Officer. “They know we have a large fan base and can bring a significant audience to a project.”

For their first film, LFC has optioned the film rights to a novel about female gladiators called ‘The Crescent’ by Las Vegas author Cynthia Vespia. The film will be called ‘Gladiatrix: Crescent Moon’ and will feature several LFC fighters in supporting roles.

“It’s a great novel and I’m confident it can be turned into a great movie,” Donnelly says. “And obviously we love the fact it features strong female warriors.”

LFC fighters have been showing up in films and television series at a rate that has caught the eye of many entertainment insiders. Jolene ‘The Valkyrie’ Hexx recently returned from Canada where she starred in a dark comedy called ‘The Zombie Apocalypse in Apartment 14F’. Maxine ‘The Boss’ Frost and Serina ‘Honey Punch’ Kyle will both be appearing in ‘Gone By Dawn 2: Dead By Dusk’ (for Kyle it is a returning role). Kris ‘The Raven’ Blackwell can be seen in the upcoming ‘Wolf Cop 2’. Producers of ‘Broken Skull Challenge’ which airs on the CW, recently approached LFC looking for contestants for the upcoming season after Lauren ‘The Animal’ Fogle had a strong showing last season.

“We’re really excited about all the opportunities our fighters are getting,” Donnelly says. “LFC Films will allow us to build on this trend.”

‘Gladiatrix: Crescent Moon’ is expected to start shooting in Alberta, Canada next summer with an anticipated budget of $1.2 million. It will be directed by Michael Su who is currently collaborating with Donnelly on a feature film entitled ‘How the West Was Blood.

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