Lou Giordano talks Derrick Lewis UFC 244 fight camp

Derrick Lewis is in full fight camp for his return to the Octagon next month at UFC 244 in Madison Square Garden. Prior to starting his camp, weight management specialist, Lou Giordano joined the team making easy work for the weigh-in. Last week we briefly talked with Giordano about joining the fight camp since Lewis and Giordano both teased at working together. But in true Lou Giordano fashion, he sat down with us for a more in-depth look at what Lewis has been doing ahead of his matchup with eighth ranked heavyweight Blagoy Ivanov.

“It has been amazing,” said Giordano.

“I got to speak with Derrick and his team about a month ago … it was one of those things where I had an idea of what I’d like him to weigh, and asked them, and we were all on the same page. The number was the same for all of us … and being out here … it has been nothing but amazing and interesting. Derrick’s personality is not like anybody else’s I’ve ever been around, and he is just amazing person: genuine, quiet, but funny and sometimes its tough to read all of those things,” he continued.

Giordano has worked with some of the best in MMA in her career, but Lewis, he admits, is different than the others.

“Because he doesn’t show too much emotion or expression, he’s a fan of dry humor … but when you don’t know a person its tough to read their dry humor,” Giordano explained.

“So I’m giving him food and I can’t tell if he likes it or not … [but] his coaches are assuring me, ‘No. If Derrick doesn’t like something he’s throwing that shit across the room,'” he finished.

As the conversation continues, Giordano also discusses watching Lewis in his training sessions. We talk about Lewis losing weight but getting quicker. The whole conversation is a deep look into the role of a weight manager. Of course, while being in Texas food is a topic of discussion. Giordano already admitted to ordering Whataburger and it’s superiority over all other fast food burger places. The full interview can be heard below with more on what to expect from Lewis in his upcoming fight.

Derrick Lewis will face Blagoy Ivanov as UFC 244 on Saturday, November 2 in Madison Square Garden.


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Ryan Sprague