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Lucas LaRue comfortable in Florida, back to work in the cage at Combat Night

Interview with Lucas LaRue above

Lucas LaRue is chasing a dream and that’s a wonderful thing to do when you are still a young man and continuing your journey in life.  LaRue wants to be a professional mixed martial artist and has made a huge move from Northeastern Pennsylvania down to Florida. LaRue had been busy prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, getting in any kind of combat sports possible to get experience.  He impressed me a few times from ringside at USKA Fight Sports with his kickboxing skills and cardio.

Now that he is comfortable down South, he has taken an MMA fight and MyMMANews caught up with him to see how his relocation was going and his first real fight camp. LaRue says…

“A good friend of mine had moved to Florida and he invited me down to live with him and it was the perfect time.  As soon as I got down here, I did my research and found Jungle MMA.  They have a team of killers and there are four of us on this upcoming  CombatNight card on May 15th in Orlando.  We are going to go 4-0.  This camp I have never been more disciplined or dedicated.    My coaches and I have a nice repertoire and we’ve talked about taking fights and they fully support this.  This is what I want to do.  I’m working enough to support myself and my training and now that everything in Florida is completely opened up, I’m excited to get in there Saturday.”

Our full interview can be seen on the link above.  LaRue matches up against Chase Dye on Saturday from CombatNight.  LaRue is very focused on techniques and the mental part of the game.  He and I have talked about different fighters and fights in the past and he is very well versed.  I think Lucas will have a very nice career and look forward to talking to him again.Lucas LaRue, Scranton MMA Lucas LaRue

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