Maverick 11 results

Maverick 11 results – Show goes on despite main event cancellation

Despite losing the card’s main event this morning, Maverick MMA promoters held Maverick 11 tonight from the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

The headlining was between featherweights Peter Petties (7-4) and Da’Mon Blackshear (6-3) was contracted for 145-pounds with a 1-pound allowance which would let either competitor come in at a maximum of 146-pounds.  The fight was signed just last week after other bouts fell of the card.

During yesterday’s official weigh-ins, “The Joker” Petties came in nine pounds over the maximum at 155-pounds while Blackshear made weight at 144.8-pounds.

Greg Sirb, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission, would allow the fight to go on as scheduled granted that Petties did not weigh any more than 157-pounds this morning at 9 a.m, which his opponent had accepted.

When it came time to hit the scales today, Petties actually gained 11 more pounds, coming in at 166-pounds.  The fight was then removed from the card and only four fights would remain.  Petties’ management tells us that their fighter’s body just shut down.  An unfortunate situation, but the show much go on.

One of the bouts included a rematch between ‘Amateur Fight of the Year’ candidate Liz Welch and Marissa Vanglahn. The Maverick 9 favored Vanglahn by way of split decision.

Watch that first fight from 2018 below:

Carter Dominant Once Again

Justin Carter of the nearby MMA Signatures Academy and Marvin Munson of Driven Gym of Woodbridge, N.J., kicked off the card in a lightweight bout.  Immediately the two clash and connect.  The punches back Carter up against the fence but then he reverses.  The fighters head to the canvas and Munson works for a triangle choke but Carter is quickly out.  Carter is now in Munson’s guard but no significant damage done in the position.  Time expires and Carter helps his opponent back up to his feet.  Carter gets Munson down to the mat in the second frame and once again is working from the guard in a dominant position.  Again Munson throws up an attempt for a triangle choke but Carter works out of the position.  Not official but at this point it looks like Carter is up two rounds to none.  It wasn’t pretty but Carter gets Munson back down once again about 30 seconds into the final round.  They stand and Carter takes him right back down.  Now Carter has full mount and starts ground and pound to the body.  The round ends with Carter landing more shots to the body but nothing significant.  Again he helps his opponent to his feet after the fight.  Should be a unanimous victory for the hometown favorite and it is.

Knockout or Submission?

In the second bout of the evening, Ibrahim “The African Warrior” Kallie took on Renzo Gracie PA competitor, Kevin Stilo. An extremely quick one punch knockout for Kallie.  A big right hand floored Stilo.  Referee Bill Bookwalter went to swarm in but Kallie tried to follow up but transitioned to an armbar and then the fight was called.  Will be interesting to see if this is scored as a knockout or submission as the fighter was clearly out but the ref stopped the contest during the armbar. The end result was a knockout just 10-seconds into the fight.  MyMMANews spoke with referee Bookwalter following the bout and he said that because of the amateur rules not allowing fighters to strike to the head on the ground, and because Stilo started to pop up, he was waiting to see if he was out.  Once Kallie tried the submission, the fight was stopped.  Bookwalter said the lock was never fully applied and he would not have allowed it because Stilo would not have been able to respond.

Vanglahn Victorious Once Again

The Welch – Vanglahn rematch was contested at a catchweight of 120-pounds.  Liz wants that revenge.  She is attacking head and body.  She presses Vanglahn up against the cage and works for a takedown.  She attacks with knees to the body.  The crowd is screaming.  Vanglahn reverses and lands a knee up the center.  They separate but immediately work back to a clinch and exchange knees.  The round comes to a close but will likely be scored in favor of Welch.  Right out the gate in the second round they begin to exchange with Welch finding a home for her hands.  She throws a front kick that hits Vanglahn in the face.  Vanglahn backs Welch up with a right.  Welch lands a big body kick.  There appears to be a mouse forming over the left eye of Welch as time expires in the second frame.  Cutman Paul Querido is attempting to get the swelling down between rounds.  Just like rounds one and two, and the three from the previous fight, they come out swinging once again.    Vanglahn is working to win.  She knows she is down.  Vanglahn throws knees to the body and throws Welch down to the mat.  Welch’s corner is yelling for her to get up.  She cannot get Vanglahn off of her.  Vanglahn is throwing down brutal shows to the body.  The time expires but will that final round be enough for Marisa Vanglahn to get a second win? The fight is ruled a majority decision in favor of Vanglahn.  She is now 2-0 over Welch.

Big pop from the crowd for Queens, New York native Andy Jimenez as he enters the cage for the main event to battle Steve Moleski.  Jimenez finds early success with his hands and also lands a kick flush to the face of his opponent, but once Moleski settles in he begins to apply pressure.  Moleski backs Jimenez up against the cage and throws nasty forearms to the head of his opponent.  They break and Jimenez lands four or five jabs in the same spot.  He throws a big left to the body but Moleski fires back.  Jimenez, listening to his corner, gets a takedown in the final second of the first round.  Jimenez connects with a jab immediately to start the second round.  They are fighting off the cage, Jimenez gets Moleski down.  They work back to the feet.  Jimenez connects with a knee to the midsection.  They separate and are each finding a place for their hands.  Moleski presses Jimenez up against the cage now.  They are battling in the clinch.  Moleski is cut above his right eye. Cutman Paul Querido is working on him between rounds.  Jimenez pressing Moleski up against the cage in the final frame.  He picks Moleski up and slams him down.  Moleski reverses position and now working out of the guard of Jimenez.  Moleski’s blood is leaking all over Jimenez.  Jimenez on his back the majority of the round, not providing any offense but instead keeping from allowing Moleski to inflict any damage.  This one goes to the judges and is in favor of Moleski.

Complete Maverick 9 results below:

Steve Moleski defeated Andy Jimenez via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Marissa Vanglahn defeated Liz Welch via majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Ibrahim Kallie defeated Kevin Stilo via knockout – Round 1, 0:10

Justin Carter defeated Marvin Munson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Photo gallery by William McKee below:

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