Scott Heckman wins Maverick MMA featherweight title. Photo by William McKee.

Scott Heckman wins Maverick MMA featherweight title. Photo by William McKee.

Timing was key to Maverick MMA pairing up with featherweight champion Scott Heckman

Maverick MMA broke into the northeast mixed martial arts promotional scene early in 2017. The organization will hold it’s fourth and final card of the calendar year when fight promoter Willy Sisca holds Maverick MMA 4, December 9 at the State Theater in Easton, Pennsylvania.

We caught up with Sisca to discuss a few of the fights on the cards.

MyMMANews – This is Maverick’s fourth fight card and it is the fourth straight card that you have used your featherweight champion Scott Heckman as the headliner.  Can you talk about what was behind the decision to bring Heckman into Maverick and why he has been such a success for the organization?

Willy Sisca – “Well two things brought us together. The first thing was timing. The timing of me launching Maverick and the timing of him coming out of retirement, was what put us there. The second, was our past relationship. We’ve been friends. We met many, many years ago in the game, and we’ve always been friendly outside of the sport itself. When he was coming back from retirement, it was a perfect match made in heaven. I needed a headliner to really make a statement on the first card and we did that with Maverick 1. We got the instant classic at Heckman-Sullivan at Maverick 2. Awesome rematch with the headline of Heckman-Sullivan at Maverick 3. And now, Scott gets to test himself against Myron Baker, a guy who beat Rob Sullivan two years ago.”

Maverick MMA 4

MyMMANews – Tell us a little bit about the card’s co-main event?

Willy Sisca – “It’s probably the biggest fight we’ve had, just because Phil Hawes has been on the radar of the UFC.  He’s been on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, he’s been on the Ultimate Fighter.  One of the highest touted guys as far as his reputation.  Got a great record, he’s 4-2.  Eric Roncoroni, similar.  He’s the former Ring of Combat middleweight champion.  Has even more experience than Phil Hawes.  And this is that classic striker vs. grappler.  Eric’s gonna be going for the knockout.  Phil is most likely going to be going for the takedown and control and ground and pound, and so it’s just one of those classic fights.  To me, the winner of this fight is either in line for a chance at Bellator or even the UFC.”

MyMMANews – What are some of the other featured bouts on the Maverick MMA 4 fight card?

Willy Sisca –“The two other pro bouts are both awesome, awesome fights.  They are both title fights.  The lightweight title fight which is (7-2) Vadim Ogar vs. (4-2) Troy Wittman. There is no way that fight is going to be boring.  Troy Wittman is a knockout artist.  Vadim Ogar is a submission specialist.  Also doesn’t mind banging out on his feet.

The bantamweight title fight, “SuperStar” Jayro Martinez takes on perennial contender, Chris Piriz.  Piriz has a lot of experience in the cage.  He’s got almost 10 fights now.  He’s been training between Serra-Longo and Team Alpha Male.  He was at Alpha Male these last two camps.  Had a razor close decision loss to Thad Frick.  Now’s he’s ready to take on Jayro.  I think he’s at a better weight class now.  At 145 I think he was a little too small. At 135 he is perfect size.  His power translates there and I can’t wait to see that fight.”

MyMMANews – This is Maverick MMA’s first time in a new venue.  Why the State Theatre in Easton, PA?

Willys Sisca – “It’s huge.  It’s huge for us.  It’s a much bigger venue.  It’s about double the size from where we used to be. It’s got all the production stuff that we weren’t able to accomplish at our old venue.  We are now going to be able to do the smoke, and all the production and promotional stuff that goes into putting on a show.  These aren’t just fights in a room.  Maverick MMA is all about it being a show, and the State Theatre is the perfect place to do it.”

MyMMANews – We are just two weeks away from Maverick MMA 4.  How can fans get their hands on some tickets?

Willy Sisca – “It’s real easy. is the website.  If you want to save yourself a couple of bucks on the internet fee you can just call the box office.  You can go to the Maverick MMA Facebook page.  It has all that information on there.  You can also go directly to the box office.  You can do any of those three between now and fight night.  

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