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Michael Bisping explains “out of the blue” Twitter beef with “keyboard warrior” Dan Henderson

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping explained his Twitter beef with longtime rival and “keyboard warrior” Dan Henderson.

Bisping and Henderson were bitter rivals for nearly a decade. In July 2009 at UFC 100, Henderson knocked out Bisping cold in one of the best knockouts of all time. The “H-Bomb” from Henderson that night has become a highlight-reel for the ages, as did the thunderous ground punch that he landed on an obviously KOed Bisping while he was lying stiff on the ground. The two rematched at UFC 204 in October 2016, and this time, Bisping got the last laugh when he was able to win a unanimous decision to defend the UFC middleweight title.

Both Bisping and Henderson are now retired, and with Henderson now 50 years old, it seems unlikely he will ever fight again. But last summer during the UFC 251 broadcast that Bisping was calling, Henderson decided to take some shots at Bisping on Twitter, which led to the two talking smack back-and-forth. Speaking to James Lynch, Bisping explained his side of the Twitter beef with Henderson, suggesting that it came out of nowhere.

“I was just calling the fight and he just decides to start talking smack. I’d seen Dan a few times. He cornered some fighters and whatnot, so I’ve seen him at fights. I saw him on a plane leaving Albuquerque. We were waiting in line, I said, ‘Hey Dan, you how doing?’ Quick handshake, nice and polite. It’s all water under the bridge as far as I’m concerned. We’re all big boys and that’s all done now. As I’ve said, I’ve seen him and we’ve had cordial conversations. And then he just comes out of the blue and starts talking sh*t on Twitter. So I’m like, ‘Oh really? If you’re going to start doing that then fair enough, the gloves are off.’ So I talked a bit of sh*t. I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, you seen me on a plane and you were all cordial, but yet here you are on Twitter. I didn’t have you down as a keyboard warrior, Dan.’ So yeah, there you go. Dan Henderson letting himself down. The steroid man. There you go,” Bisping said.

Where do you rank Michael Bisping vs. Dan Henderson among the greatest rivalries in UFC history?

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