Tony Reid of Fighters Only and FloCombat with Mickey Gall

Tony Reid of Fighters Only and FloCombat with Mickey Gall

Mickey Gall responds to John Makdessi’s injury claims, takes ownership

Earlier today UFC fighter John Makdessi laid claim to Mickey Gall being the culprit for recent injuries keeping him from competition inside the octagon.  Makdessi told Fansider reporter Amy Kaplan, “Mickey Gall is a fucking punk. He’s a deceiving, fake ass bitch. I heard a crunch and the pain was immediate. I really didn’t want to cause a commotion but I looked in his eyes and thought ‘Are you a fucking idiot?'”

Makedessi was scheduled to fight Sage Northcutt at UFC 214 earlier this summer.

The Bloody Elbow report stated they reached out to Gall who did not respond. MyMMANews caught up with Gall who said, “It’s true. I did hurt him. It was an accident and I felt really bad about it. I was a fan of his.”

Gall immediately took ownership and admitted that the injury was an accident.

“I’ll be honest. It was my first day back at Tristar and I was a little on edge. People go hard with me so I go hard too. Never ill spirited. I would never want to disrespect a training partner or the gym. I remember going with John. It was the third round. The two previous rounds I had gone with strong guys like Alex Garcia and Pete Gracar and we were using muscle and going hard. Then I went with John. I hit him with a fireman’s carry and instead of going with it and breakfalling, he tried to post and hurt his shoulder. I felt awful about it. I should have done a better job protecting him. It was my fault. But shit happen. It ain’t checkers. I never want to hurt someone in the gym. Especially Tristar, a gym I have a lot of respect for and though I train there a lot, and love the guys, it’s not my home gym, I’m a visitor and that’s not a good look.”

Makdessi has since left Tristar and has been training with Duke Roufus in preparation for Abel Trujillo at UFC on FOX 26 on December 16.

Gall fights Randy Brown at UFC 217 at Madison Square Garden on November 4.

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