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Dustin Poirier wins trilogy at UFC 26 after Conor McGrgeor loses by TKO [Doctor stoppage] in round 1. [Courtesy of @UFCNews Twitter].

Mike Brown responds to John Kavanagh’s comments that they weren’t concerned after the first round at UFC 264

Mike Brown, the head coach of Dustin Poirier, has responded to Conor McGregor’s head coach, John Kavanagh’s comments that they weren’t worried after the first round.

In the opening round, McGregor had success early on but Poirier got him to the mat and controlled the fight. He landed some vicious ground and pound and with under a minute to go, McGregor got back to his feet. However, with just seconds left, after he threw a teep kick, he missed a punch and his leg broke. It was a disappointing result, but for Kavanagh, he said they had all the confidence in the world going into round two which Brown disagrees with.

“It’s not just somebody’s opinion, we’re talking about the judges’ scorecards,” Brown told MMA Fighting. “We had two of the judges had a 10-8 round. So I don’t know how anyone would consider that going well.”

In the lead-up to the trilogy at UFC 264, McGregor brought back his trash-talk for Poirier. However, for Brown, he says he believes the Irishman was just trying to convince himself that he could compete with Poirier.

“I’m not sure what it is but he did see much sharper with his tongue in the past,” Brown said about McGregor’s trash talk. “Maybe he’s in a tough spot, I don’t know what it is but it also appears he has no lines anymore. Where he used to have some lines, some are ethnical but more lines. But those seem to have gone away. He doesn’t seem to be quite the same fighter both in the ring and with his promotion wise, too. Not sure what it is but something seems different.”

Now that Poirier did get the win in the trilogy, he will face Charles Oliveira for the lightweight title next time out. Yet, all parties involved have mentioned the fourth fight, but for Brown, he says he doesn’t know when or if it will happen.

“At this point, I imagine [Charles] Oliveira will be next,” Mike Brown concluded. “And who knows what the landscape looks like at the time [McGregor returns].”

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