Frans Mlambo SBG Ireland

Mlambo dedicates his comeback fight to SBG Ireland

A loss in mixed martial arts is way tougher than most other sports. Not only the career record is blemished alongside days of training and handwork that ends up in disappointment, but the result will take a toll physically and mentally as well. Emerging from a loss not only takes determination but also requires a fighter to redefine himself. Frans Mlambo had been focusing on his career ever since his attempt to claim the championship from Stephen Loman from Brave 13 in Belfast.

In Brave Combat Federation, he had lost only to the bantamweight champion, Stephen Loman while he has three wins against three top level talent in the promotion. This includes current title contender – Felipe Efrain, Jalal Al Daaja and Michael Diego Scheck. In the last fight with Brave Combat Federation hosted in Belfast, Mlambo went the distance fighting all five rounds. The bout went in favour of Stephen Loman by unanimous decision.
Training at SBG Ireland, Mlambo was supported by his team mates and friends from the very beginning. Trained by John Kavanagh, Mlambo went forth to win the IMMAF World Championships in 2015 to secure gold. With a decisive reach advantage and precise striking skills, Mlambo is among the top competitors in the emerging bantamweight of Brave Combat Federation. The bantamweight credits his coach and his team for the support leading to his return and is confident to make a difference in Brave 17, the first ever International mixed martial arts event to be hosted in Pakistan. The event will take place on 27th October in Nistar Park Sports Complex in the city of Lahore.

“Coach Kavanagh always stood with us as a pillar of strength. Each fight is a chance to improve and That is exactly what I am executing leading up to my next fight. In here it is just a team and I will represent my team to win and I dedicate my fight for my team who stood with me through my struggles”, said Mlambo.

He will be facing yet another prospect who was tried and tested at the IMMAF system, Aidan James. James made his debut at Brave 13 and won the bout with a performance bonus. The bout marks the second for Aidan, while Mlambo will be having his sixth bout in the promotion there by making him match the number of matches by Jarrah Al Selawe, welterweight champion.

“I understand my opponent is tough. This has nothing to do with me. I respect him for his achievements and struggles. I have never been submitted or knocked out in Brave Combat Federation. When the cage is shut, it will be two men chasing destiny and legacy. With my team by my side, I will not make it easy for him”, added Mlambo.