MMA Journalist to Fight for Charity at ACC 11

MMA Journalist to Fight for Charity at ACC 11

by Kyle Carroll

Photos by William McKee

“I know people will doubt me,” Eric Kowal, the owner of said.  “But there are far worse guys doing this.  This isn’t like I have no experience at all.  I have been in and around the sport for 20 years, just never had a fight.  Never had a reason.  Now I do.”

Kowal will train over the course of the next several months so he can step into the cage as an amateur mixed martial artist for the first time; and he will do so…..for charity.eric kowal

Tonight on the East Coast MMA Show,  the My MMA News owner and founder  announced he will be entering the cage to create an awareness for the Marines Helping Marines Fishing Tournament for wounded warriors.

“I’m going to put down the pen and pad, and enter the cage,” said Kowal.

Amateur fighters do not get paid, they only earn a commission on the ticket sales that they bring in for the fight card they are on.  Kowal said he will donate his commission to the 7th annual tournament that will be held May 16-18, 2015.

Kowal, 33, decided with match-maker Eugene Perez to fight at 185-pounds on the May 9, 2015 Aggressive Combat Championships 11 fight card, one week prior to the fishing event he also spearheads with another christianMarine Corps Veteran. He plans to start training after the first of the new year and won’t be sticking with only one camp. He mentioned that he’s talked to multiple UFC fighters and former Bellator fighters for assistance in training.

Being a Marine Corps Veteran he has experience with the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and states that he also trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for several years prior to planning a family.

“It will be a test,” told me.  “I want to have one fight and be done.  How can I sit cageside and call fights each and every weekend and judge the men in the cage if I haven’t done it myself?  I might fall flat on my face.  I don’t know, but you won’t know unless you try.

He mentioned on the show that he weighs currently 209-pounds and plans to fight at 185-pounds. His opponent is still unknown.

Fans will be able to follow Kowal’s training throughout his camp since they plan to film his journey to his first amateur MMA bout.

The fight will take place at York College Arena on May 9, 2015 for Aggressive Combat Championships.

Here is video of the announcement. It starts roughly at the 3:00 mark

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

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