Developing: Cung Le, Nate Quarry, Carlos Newton, and Jon Fitch Amongst Plaintiffs in UFC Lawsuit

Hyatt Place

Today at the Hyatt Place in San Jose, California, a formal press conference was held to announce the class-action lawsuit against the UFC.

In attendance were current UFC fighter Cung Le, former UFC competitors Carlos Newton, Nate Quarry, and on the phone was Jon Fitch,who could not attend the conference in person due to an injury sustained in his fight last weekend against Rousimar Palhares.

According to Greg Savage of Sherdog via his twitter account @TheSavageTruth, a media packet was presented with information in regards to the lawsuit. The packet stated that Le, Fitch, and Quarry were among the participants starting the class action suit. The lawsuit will be seeking treble damages and injunctive relief under the Sherman Antitrust Act.

The packet contained the following statement by Le: “Because of the UFC’s coercive’s practices, competitive market forces have been strangled, future earnings powers of the athletes is stripped away, and purses to the fighters are artificially depressed”.

Attorney Jeffrey Saveri said at the opening presser,  “UFC’s threats are taken seriously by fighters because they know that a UFC ban will substantially diminish, if not end, their ability to earn a living at their chosen profession.” Saver also continue to say that the UFC is a “monopoly” in respect to elite fighters.

Cung Le, who last fought for the UFC in August, approached the podium and said, “It’s been a tough road. I’m honored to be part of this lawsuit against the UFC … I’m very excited to get this going.”Le, who is still under contract for the UFC, continued to state that he will no longer compete for the organization.

There are more fighters whose identities are imminent on being released in the lawsuit. TUF Season One competitor Nate Quarry said on the phone call that current UFC fighters are remaining in anonymity for now, yet they are in support of this class action suit.

What makes this pending lawsuit more interesting are all of the social media quotes from UFC president Dana White, which the plaintiffs will use to prove these allegations. A few of the quotes and pictures are included below (courtesy of Greg Savage):

dana white tweetDana White holding a tombstone after eliminating other mma promotions

tweetPress conference with a banner depicting “world f**king domination” of mixed martial arts



We will keep you updated with further developments.

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