MMA trends to watch in 2018 Cody Garbrandt

MMA trends to watch in 2018: How fighting is changing and evolving

It’s a brand new year which means new gym memberships for those wanting to whip their bodies into shape. New year, new me right?

Not only are people signing up at traditional gyms for increased exercise and weight loss, but there are also spikes in signups at mixed martial arts gyms as well. If you are looking to lose weight you need to find MMA classes to start training and you need to do it quick.


Because right now, the guy or gal that walked into the gym for the very first time is already on his or her path to becoming the next big superstar in MMA.

If the past few years have shown any indication as to what 2018 will bring, the Veteran fighters are being left in the dust.

The up and coming young athletes, those with marketability, and driven social media skills, are the ones getting the push.

MMA used to be about the very best going up against the very best. As we have seen in the past 12-24 months, rankings do not necessarily mean anything. They are just numbers on a chart. The numbers that matter as of late are in the form of dollars. What will make the most money?

Fighters who are not necessarily the best fighters or highest ranked fighters but know how to push the right buttons or work the microphone are jumping the line.

In 2017 several fighters rose to stardom, standing out from others with equal or comparable fight records, solely because they were able to market themselves better than others.

The way an athletes talks, dresses, and how well they can respond to critics will soon be the standard for how fights are booked and how often.

Fighters like Kevin Lee, Colby Covington, Conor McGregor, Cynthia Calvillo, and Cody Garbrandt have received push from the UFC while seasoned veterans have tried to figure out where they went wrong.

With a little bit of talent and the right presentation, you too could be the next star. After you work on your standup and your BJJ and wrestling, starting honing in on your social media and trash talk skills. Who knows, one day you may be picked up by a world class MMA organization and find yourself in a title fight. At least that seems to be the direction in which the sport is going.

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