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Referees allowed to use instant replay in New York MMA bouts MMA News 

Referees allowed to use instant replay in New York MMA bouts

Was instant replay not permitted?

During Saturday night’s UFC 210 co-main event in Buffalo there seemed to be some question as to whether or not instant replay was permitted to be used by referees to determine the outcome of a mixed martial arts contest.

During the pay-per-view broadcast of the Chris Weidman-Gegard Mousasi fight, a knee was thrown that caused question as to whether or not it was a legal blow.  While the fight was halted, UFC commentators stated that instant replay is not permitted in the state of New York.

Now per an article from Newsday, it appears that referee Dan Miragliotta could have used instant replay to make a determination if he chose to do so.  The problem came when doctors entered to octagon and ruled Weidman unfit to continue the fight.

“NYSAC referees are empowered to consult video evidence, pursuant to broad statutory authority designed to allow NYSAC and its agents to arrive at correct determinations,” Commission spokesman Laz Benitez wrote in an email to Newsday.

Benitez referenced case law, in particular Frank v. Stevens in 2008, “which settled the question of whether NYSAC could consult video replay to ensure the correct outcome of a bout.”

That cited case involved a boxing match between Raul Frank and Terrence Cauthen in 2007. NYSAC ruled Frank’s victory over Cauthen was a no-decision after reviewing video of the fight, saying an unintentional headbutt caused the knockout of Cauthen.

According to the report, “New York’s guidelines for MMA make no specific mention about the use of video replay to ensure the correct outcome of bouts. Benitez said the NYSAC will be ‘reviewing the question of formalizing this authority as a written policy.’”

Weidman has stated that he will file an appeal on the outcome of the contest.

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