My MMA News - New York State Lightweight Amateur MMA Rankings

Ryan Castro, new KTFO welterweight champion.

My MMA News – New York State Lightweight Amateur MMA Rankings

KTFO 13 resultsBelow is the first set of rankings produced by My MMA News. These rankings are for New York State amateur MMA fighters only. A formula was used to create the Rank Power.

If you feel you belong higher on the chart or were left off, Let us know so we can one, add you to the rankings.

Two, explain how you landed where you did in the rankings. Every month these will be updated accordingly. Organizations have zero influence as to where you land in the rankings.

Promoters, please also contact us if you’d like.

To contact the creator of the rankings, email us at and we’ll address you accordingly.

Other weight classes will be coming out this week. Please contact us if you’re in another weight classes as well so you are not left off the rankings. We will try to keep up with these on a regular basis but please be advised that as the sport continues to grow and more and more promotions and athletes become involved it will be harder to maintain.  These rankings are not meant to be taken to heart.  Stats are constantly changing numbers.

Below are this week’s New York State Lightweight Amateur MMA Rankings

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