New UFC Fight Kit colors

Reebok introducing new colors into UFC Fight Kits

According to Bill King, a writer with Sports Business Journal, Reebok will be rolling out new UFC Fight Kit apparel which will implement the change of color into the uniforms.  Yesterday, King sent out the tweet below.

Bill King on Twitter

ICYMI: What @UFC & @Reebok say about fight kit update, where it goes from here, in @sbjsbd.

The tweet was followed up by an article King authored in the Sports Business Journal.

“At last month’s Fighter Summit, athletes got their first look at a new version of the kit that is, in the words of Tracey Bleczinski, UFC senior vice president of global consumer products, more “evolution than revolution” — a jersey that takes some emphasis from the UFC logo across each fighter’s chest, adds color to the shorts, and broadens the color palate to allow fighters more choices.

Fighters will wear the tweaked look in competition beginning this July. In the works is a total overhaul scheduled for 2017, expected to better fit the fashion preferences of the UFC fan base and embrace the individuality of its fighters. After that, the UFC expects a refresh every two years.

“We have to understand the culture of the fighter and the fan and deliver products that are consistent with that culture,” said Matt O’Toole, brand president at Reebok, which in December 2014 signed a six-year, $70 million deal to be the UFC’s exclusive uniform provider. “I think that’s what you’ll see evolving season over season, [as we’re] understanding and connecting with that culture. It might be similar to how a surf and skate brand delivers an experience consistent with that culture.

“I think some other brands have tried that [in MMA], but maybe we have an opportunity because of our close relationship with the UFC and some of the fighters to get that right.”
Read Full article by Bill King here

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