Ruotolo Brothers Sign with ONE Championship

Ruotolo Brothers Sign with ONE Championship

ONE Championship continues their push into the grappling space with the signing of the two Ruotolo brothers, Tye and Kade Ruotolo. The two BJJ standouts join the growing roster of grapplers signing with the promotion including Gordon Ryan, Andre Galvo, Danielle Kelly, and Michael Musumeci. The two are very talented and have competed at Who’s Number One, Combat Jiu Jitsu Grapplefest, and, most prestigiously, won the 2021 ADCC Trials.

Announced on their Instagram, the Ruotolo brothers are set to not only compete in grappling, but mixed martial arts as well. The addition shows that not only is ONE Championship dedicated to growing the promotion’s grappling, but also in providing a bridge for athletes to move back and forth across sports. ONE Championship continues to show their dedication is not to a singular sport, but all of combat sports to put some shine on all of these deserving athletes. The Ruoloto brothers are just the latest addition to that commitment with many more to follow from ONE Championship.

Ruotolo Brothers and the Grappling World

The Ruotolo brothers, although only teenagers, are some of the best young prospects in Jiu Jitsu. As toddlers, the two took the sport off and has taken off running. As of now, they are purple belts but have taken the world by storm. They’ve trained under Andre Galvao and have competed in numerous competitions, winning medal after medal.

Now, ONE Championship grabs a good prospect in Jiu Jitsu and MMA in the new breed of fighters and players. Much like the Ruotolo brothers, were seeing more and more of these high level athletes come up at a very young age. The ceiling on these two are very high in grappling and MMA.

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