Stellar Fights 37 Results from Hockessin, Delaware

Stellar Fights 37 Results from Hockessin, Delaware

Stellar Fights returns to action May 19, 2018 at the beautiful Hockessin PAL Center in Hockessin, Delaware and will be sanctioned under the prestegious World Kickbocking Association.

Promoter, Brad Dalton always brings a stacked card to the small wonder state and this card proves to be no different than the previous 36. With a plethora of regional fighters stacked up on the card, such as Earl Small, Jay “Hurricane” Ellis, Jason “O.D.B. Brown and so many other notable fighters, fans can show up anticipating bloody battles, solid submissions, and world class striking on display.

Unfortunately, the main event of the evening was ruled a disqualification in favor of Earl Small whom made his way to the cage only to be left in disappointment as his scheduled opponent, TJ Sumler was a no show to the cage, after reporting and checking into the venue.

Stellar Fights 37 results below:

Amateur Card
(130 lbs MMA) David Ly “The Gusty Ninja vs Roe-Mar Blacknail

Winner via KO: Roe-Mar Blacknall (1:49 of round 1)

(155 lbs MMA) Kenny Richmond vs Thomas Homier III

Winner via rear naked choke: Thomas Homier (2:04 of round 1)

(175 lbs MMA) Christos Pericleous vs Dayan Ruiz

Winner via Unanimous Decision: Dayan Ruiz

(155 lb K1 title bout) Jeff Bozier vs Doug “The Bearded Warrior Addison

Round 1: a slight feeling out process, Bozier and Addison meet center cafe exchanging jabs to find the others range but it isn’t long before straight hands start flying and landing for both competitors. Bozier attempts a head kick which narrowly missed but landed an accidental low blow which had Addison wincing. Addison circled steering clear of Bozier which smelled blood and went on full attack mode landing crisp jab straight combinations to close the round.

Round 2: Bozier came forward continuing where he left off with his precision accuracy and lightning fast hand speed. Addison is looking for an answer but taking two shots for every strike thrown.

Round 3: Addison begins the round looking to keep his distance but Bozier is having none of it as he presses forward with action, switching his punch combos to, as his corner kept referring to as a “Cerrone” kick. Which was landing over and over to close the round with Bozier clearly ahead on the cards

Round 4: Bozier outs on a stunning display of striking that is taking its toll on Addison, however, Addison plants his feet and begins swinging for the fence with few shots landing. Bozier withstood the storm and continued doing what’s is working, by moving in and out like a ghost and making his opponent miss.

Round 5: Clearly ahead on pouts, Bozier doesn’t let up by any means and continued the cumlitive punishment that was wearing Addison down to the wire until the final seconds when Addison’s hands dropped from exhaustion as Bozier held his hands out to taunt his foe, finish strong on his way to an easy decision.

Winner by unanimous decision: Jeff Bozier

(130 lbs MMA) Ben Coyle vs Reece Ward

Round 1: Coyle starts the contest firing a straight right followed by a leg kick, followed by a facial taunt to get in Wards head early. Ward is slow to start as Coyle is landing single punches and kicks and keeps on with the taunting. Ward finally stops back peddling and presses forward with a punch combination of his own that fires the crowd up but Coyle brushes it off and presses forward with solid straight rights landing and leg kicks to follow.

Round 2: The round begins and Ward awakens with a ferocious punch onslaught that easily landed 5 of his own punches rock Coyles head as Coyle backs toward the cage, covering up. Coyle circles out and begins firing his own combinations as both fighters are now exchanging visions blows. Ward dives in for a double leg but is thwarted off by Coyle only for the fighters to separate and regain their space. Ward fires a low blow accidentally and the action is halted. As the action proceeds, both fighters meet center cage and exchange vicarious combinations as Coyle shows no sign of wear from the low blow and the round bell sounds.

Round 3: Coyle presses forward showing no signs of wear with any ferocious onslaught firing brutal uppercuts followed by body punches that echoed through the venue to put the stamp on this young mans debut, as he makes Ward crumble against the cage with the referee waiving a halt to the contest at 1:13 fights the 3rd round)

Winner via TKO: Ben Coyle (1:13 in the 3rd round)

(155 lbs MMA) Christian Merino vs Austin Rogers

Round 1: A slight feeling out process as both fighters take their time with Rogers landing a few leg kicks to Merino’s punches. Merino scores a heavy takedown, landing in guard, to side mount as Merino lands some solid ground and pound strikes from the side to close the round.

Round 2: Rogers is utilizing his reach by keeping the shorter Merino at bay with his leg kicks and teeps for the opening stanza of the round. Merino rushes forward landing heavy punch card combintions pushing his foe against the cage and forcing Rogers to his back for the remainder of the round as Merino worked for dominant position until the bell sounds.

Round 3: With Merino ahead, he still comes out relentless with his takedowns, forcing Rogers on his back and Merino in side control landing punches when he can. Rogers is bucking his hips trying to escape from the bottom but it’s too little too late and the final bell sounds as Merino stands and circles with his hands raised in the air.

Winner via UD: Christian Merino

(145 lbs MMA) “Famous John Amos vs James Lyonheart Lyons

Round 1: Not much action in this one folks, as the fighters walkout lasted longer than the fight…Lyons got the fight on the ground where he was comfortable and locked up an arm at seconds into the first round

Winner via armbar: James “Lyonheart” Lyons (1:00 in round 1)


(170 lbs MMA) Jay “Hurricane” Ellis vs Jason “O.D.B.” Brown

Round 1: Ellis opens with a head kick that narrowly misses and the fighters begin a brief exchange to figure out ranges. Brown comes forward with an ax kick which also narrowly missed followed by an accidental low blow that had Ellis frazzled momentarily. Ellis is landing leg kicks to Browns’ punches and both are exchanging on the regular. Ellis changes levels and dumps Brown on his back and works heavy and ground pound while Brown looks for submissions. After several position changes and submission attempts from Brown, including a triangle, heel hook, and omoplata…all close to succession, ultimately it was the heel hook that would be Ellis’ poison in this contest and taps in the closing moments of the first round.

Winner via heel hook: James “O.D.B” Brown (4:00 into round 1)

(175 lbs MMA) TJ Sumler vs Earl Small

Round 1: Winner via disqualification: Earl Small (opponent no-show to cage))