Stellar Fights 38 Results

Stellar Fights 38 Results – Zimmerman vs. Collick

Stellar Fights, the premiere and only MMA promotion in the first state of Delaware is back at it tonight, August 25th, 2018 with Stellar Fights 38. Stellar is bringing an absolutely stacked card on as Roe-Mar Blacknail takes on James Lyons for the amateur featherweight title in the co main event.

Adding to the stacked card, Stellar Fights Will also feature the vacant amateur heavyweight title up for grabs as Cameron “Dark Shark” Chism takes on a friendly foe in, Jesse “Silverback” Stokes.

To top the night off and put a stamp on the show, Stellar Fights put their inagural lightweight title up for grabs as Piankhi Zimmerman takes on Latra Collick in the main event of the evening.

Main Event:

Lightweight: Piankhi Zimmerman vs Latra Collick:

Round 1: Zimmerman lands a straight right off the back which stuns Collick and Zimmerman swarms. Collick is able to slip under the charge and secure a takedown, landing in Zimmerman’s guard. The action resumes to the feet and Collick lands a lead leg head kick that staggers Zimmerman back with his eyes rolling but isnt able to finish Zimmerman when there was blood in the water. Collick continues to rain down ground and pound but Zimmerman shows zero signs of cobwebs anymore, and actively looks to scramble to his feet. Collick stays relentless with his top heavy game landing back in Zimmerman’s guard with not much action to close the round.

Round 2: The ring bell buzzes and Collick returns to pushing the pace with jabbing Zimmerman to a heavy takedown which rolls himself into an omoplata attempt from Zimmerman. Without securing, Zimmerman staffs to gain some ground with a triangle attempt but that was thwarted and Zimmerman finds himself with his back on the ground. However, Zimmerman sees his opportunity and strikes by popping his snake-like legs around Collick in a triangle which didn’t take long to secure a tap declaring Zimmerman the inaugural Steplar Fights lightweight champion.

Winner via 2nd round triangle choke – Piankhi Zimmerman


Co main event; Featherweight: Roe-Mar Blacknail vs. James Lyons:
Round 1: Lyons is able to get this contest to the floor early, looking for a rear naked choke but Blacknall defends well. However, in a scramble, Lyons rolls for an armbar which locks as his opponent is belly and face down on the mat, and defeated as he taps in pain.

Winner by Arm-bar at 1:44 of round number 1: James Lyons.

130 lbs: Francesco Tramantano vs. Ben Coyle
Round 1: Francesco charges his opponent with zero fear from Coyles initial stare down with straights down the pipe, backing up Coyle and going for the standing guillotine. Once Coyle got his grounds, it was a one sided beating as Coyle utilized his size difference to bully Frencesco as if he was a child. Francesco had his moments of life, but Coyle punishes his opponent into submission as Frencesco quits on his stool at the start of the 2nd

Winner via TKO on stool: Ben Coyle

170 lbs K1 rules: Mitch Renduelas vs Taylor McMahan
Round 1: McMahan starts this round with authority as he bounces lighter than Renduelas and able to strike and move before Rendueles is able to catch up to him. MacMahan kept his range with leg kicks sounding like explosions and kept his foe on his heels for the open ring stanza.

Round 2: McMahan picks up where he lefts off by starting the round with a right head kick to switch left leg head kick. McMahon stays away striking from the outside switching from body to head and staying always one step ahead of Rendueles. At the end of the second, it looks as if it’s the skilled fighter vs the bar room brawler.

Round 3: Rendueles is stalking his opponent but MacMahan is in and out like a cobra, making everything narrowly miss, and catching most of his opponents leg and body kicks. Trying to put the stamp on the action, MacMahan picks up the speed sensing little time left and tried to put away his opponent.

Winner via UD Taylor “Pretty Boy” MacMahan.

150 lb catch weight: Jason Tipaldos vs Scott Suiter.
Round 1: Tipaldos has a clear game plan in his mind for this bout. Bury his head in his opponents chest and swing away, and he did just that. He just couldn’t put away Suiter in the opening onslaught. Both fighters exchanged an even amount, but Tipaldos was a sheer stalker of Suiter from the starting bell to the closing bell of the first round.

Round 2: round 2 started where round 1 left off. A lot of stalking and cutting the ring off for TioLdos as Suiter is looking to create some distance. After some time shared in the center of the cage exchanging hands, Talapados decides to change levels and take his opponent down, landing in side mount as he hammered away to close the round.

Round 3: Suiter took control with ease in the first portion of the third round. Throwing, and landing more and more punches, it was if he figured out Talapados. Talapados switched levels again, landing in side control landing peppering shots to Suiter.

Winner via UD: Jason Talapados

155lb K1 rules: Doug Addison vs Taylor Pierce
Round 1: Pierce starts the contest with several leg kicks to find his rhythm as Addison jabbed his way in and out. Both fighters worked their way inside and out with their punch combos with Pierce firing the legs a little more. At the very end of the opening stanza, Addison opened up with a brutal punch combo followed by a flying knee to the head that looked to have Pierce dazed and almost out as the referee halted the action.

Round 2: The round is pretty even as both fighters threw consistently with the other fighter countering or partying his foes strike attempts. Not much this far is landing flush between the two fighters but there’s plenty of action as they both seek their targets.

Round 3: The third round started with Pierce coming forward more consistently and landing just a bit more from the sheer numbers thrown. Pierce switched up his punch to kicking combinations beautifully always staying a step ahead of Addison. Toward the end of the round, Addison pressed on the gas pedal as if he was fearing he was below on the cards and the bout closes with both fighters trading.

Fight ends with a majority Draw.

Light Heavyweight: Chris Jackowski vs John Mabrey
Round 1: Jackowski initiates with a straight right that catches Mabrey in the button as Mabrey is mid head kick. Both fighters slip and back away, sensing both are seemingly hurt, neither fighter wastes time to rush forward with Jackowski running straight into a punch combination from Mabrey that put him on his back. Mabrey pounced on his wounded opponent and follows up with some solid ground and pound, putting Jackowski unconscious quickly.  It is the fastest knockout victory in Stellar Fights history.

Winner by KO at 13 seconds of the first round – John Mabrey

Pro light heavyweight: Will Merino vs AT McCowin Jr
Round 1: It didn’t take long for this to start before McCowin figures out Merino. McCowin’s brutal punch combinations landed quickly and often, as he tee’d off on Merino stopping him in his tracks at 1:16 of the first round.

Winner via KO: AT McCowin at 1:16 of round 1.

Stellar Fights Ammy Heavyweight Title:
Cameron Chism-Brungard vs Jesse Stokes
Round 1: Both fighters have a feeling out process with Stokes firing at the leg with Chism popping out a few jabs and a deadly head kick which narrowly misses. Stokes decides to take the contest to the floor as he heavily slams Chism on his back, worked his way to side control and back to full guard where Stokes postures up for some heavy ground and pound to end the first.

Round 2: Stokes fires with a leg kick that Chism answers with a feint head kick of his own which ploys Jesse to throw a headlock of his own. Chism jumped on stokes with punches, caught a kick from Stokes and took the fight to half guard where he threw heavy leather trying to end the bout early but Stokes worked his way back to his feet. The fighters clinch against the cage to close the end of the round.

Round 3: The fighters open with some pawing exchanges until Jesse fires a punch combo that Chism does the Mutombo “no, no, no” finger shrug, pissing stokes off to rush forward trying to catch his taunting foe. The fighters return to center cage where Chism starts poking more fun by pointing where he’ll strike next…and land. The bout is stalled for a minute as Chism is warned for throwing kicks to the knee. Jesse comes forward returned the favor with an accidental low blow that the referee didn’t see and Stokes tried to capitalize with a few punches as Chism is wincing.

Round 4: The round starts with a bang as Chism presses forward with kicks thudding like bombs and even attempted a “Showtime” kick off the cage that nearly land but Chism falls on Stokes shoukders. The rest of the round was spent with some pawing shots but nothing significantly landing.

Round 5: The round begins dull as both fighters exchange lazy leg kicks and jabs, very scarcely landing anything significant. Stokes was the final aggressor of the round as he presses Chism against the cage, gaining points, breaking at the closing seconds for the fighters to swing away until the bell.

Winner by split decision, Jesse Stokes.

130 lb K1 Rules; Jamie Stachowski vs Reece Ward
Round 1: It was clear from the start of this bout was grit vs a technician. Stachowski presses forward throwing technician bombs meeting Wards evasiveness and style. Both fighters had some successful moments but ultimately it looked like Ward was just invisible to his opponent enough and landed just a shade more than Stachowski ending the first stanza.

Round 2: Ward charged forward with a pinch combo looking to end the night early. Stachowski threw side kicks and even got flashy with jumping kicks to his opponent backing up Ward but nothing landing flush.

Round 3: Round 3 was all Ward with his slick, yet deadly kicks that was too quick for Stachowski to avoid or check. He picked his punches at will to coast towards an easy decision win against a tough Stachowski that faired well against the more advanced striker.

Winner via UD: Reece Ward

Lightweight: Dylan Siebenhaar vs Jaykob Smith
Round 1: Smith started the round aggressively as he charged Dylan from the gate with punching combinations with lethal intentions. Both fighters scramble and make their way to the ground where it was all Dylan from there with grappling prowess of a snake. He had his for caught in several submission attempts from guillotines to head and arm chokes but with nothing able to finish the bout as the opening round closes.

Round 2: Round 2 continues where the first round left off. Dylan utilized his grappling abilities to neutralize his opponent. Several times Smith was able to secure the reversal for short intervals to land some ground and pound to keep the contest even.

Round 3: The 3rd round was a back and forth battle on the ground with both fighters battling through rear naked, Kimora and arm triangle chokes throughout the closing of the contest. Upon the final bell, both fighters embraced each other in appreciation to await the judges score cards

All 3 judges score it 30-27 for the winner: Dylan Siebenhaar

235 lb K1 rules; Allen Souryvong vs DeVonte Crawford

Round 1: Both fighters start the round exchanging jabs until an early clinch causes Crawford to lose his headgear for a brief pause in action. As they reset, both fighters exchanged head kick attempts, landing to no avail. Crawford caught his rhythm in the end of the opening stanza leading with leg kicks followed with vicious straight rights. Several hurt Allen but not enough to put him away as the round comes to a close.

Round 2: Crawford comes forward with ferocity as he senses blood I the water remaining from the first round. Marching Allen down with straight combinations to back him up to the fence absorbing punishment. The referee saw enough to put a halt to the contest at 1:50 mark of the second round.

DeVonte Crawford winner via TKO at 1:50 in the second round.

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