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Storm International sums up 2022

Storm International, Darren Keane, the company CEO said, traditionally sums up the results of the year and shares its achievements. 2022 was not an easy year, as the main business is in Europe, where there is now a war. At the same time, all units of Shangri La, Slots City and Storm Casinos showed excellent results. And all thanks to the teams in different countries, which have shown that they can work smoothly in the most difficult conditions. 

Crisis conditions have shown in practice that teamwork, which demonstrates focus and creativity, is the decisive factor. It was the professionals who work for Storm International and who were able to keep the business afloat and make a profit. Against all odds, the company ended 2022 even stronger and with more promise for the future. 

The work of Storm International units in Ukraine deserves great attention. Less than a year worked Shangri La in Fairmont and Slots City in Kyiv, as well as Shangri La in Kharkiv. With the outbreak of the war, all complexes were closed. It is only thanks to the determination of the local teams that the units have reopened and operate to the highest brand standards. 

The work in Armenia was especially successful in 2022. The local team faced the non-trivial task of restarting the operation of the huge Shangri La Yerevan complex. And they succeeded! The institution successfully began work in October. At the same time, it is especially important to note that the gaming complex has reached pre-crisis levels. 

For businesses in Georgia, 2022 has been a year of prosperity. The gambling complex in the very center of Tbilisi is very popular and respected by guests. It also demonstrates good performance. This year became an anniversary one and Shangri La Tbilisi celebrated its tenth anniversary. A perfect addition to the series of achievements was the fifth Golden Brand award in the Best Casino category. More competitors are expected in 2023, but Storm International, Darren Keane noted, offers an exclusive format with premium services. 

In Germany, ten of Storm Casino complexes continue to operate successfully. This direction remains as stable as in recent years. The clubs have shown success as well as a direction for growth. Therefore, in the first half of the year, the local team plans to do some expansion. 

The company’s online project, Shangri La Live Online Casino and Sportsbook, receives particular attention. The platform is growing and developing, new opportunities and promo programs are constantly appearing on it. In 2022, there are even more operators and new games. Guests can still enjoy all kinds of entertainment: slots, live casino and sports betting. 

Storm International looks to the future with great optimism, as even a difficult 2022 will pass with success. The company’s immediate plans include consolidating the achieved success and expanding existing business lines.

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