Top 10 Reasons Why WooCommerce Should Be The First Choice For An E-Commerce Setup

It needs an ample amount of technical knowledge, and creativity as e-commerce development is both an art and science. But, it also involves a lot of planning. From the perspective of business owners, we have already mentioned a lot about creating your own e-commerce store. An e-commerce platform that we really love and consider to be one of the best in most situations is what we are going to discuss today!


WooCommerce is the platform that we are speaking highly of. It is the platform that best accompanies WordPress. It comes in as no wonder that WooCommerce powers 22% of the top 1 million eCommerce sites and over 28.19% of all online stores that use this platform.

The following are the top 10 reasons why you should consider WooCommerce for your E-commerce setup:

WooCommerce is completely free

You will be astounded to know that this platform is free. It neither has a monthly platform fee and nor does it have a one-time license fee. It has great documentation, loads of themes, and a lot of community support that makes you look for support and guidance that comes very easy despite being free.

You will most likely be paying a hosting fee to your hosting provider for your store while WooCommerce is not a charging platform.

Woocommerce is Open Source

In terms of supporting several new and innovative features in WooCoomerce has allowed hundreds of plugins to evolve as open-source.

It has allowed thousands of plugins to come up to support many new and innovative features in WooCommerce being an open-source platform.

Reduced Hosting Resources in WooCommerce

Including the ones that you may need to go in for dedicated or specialized hosting even in the beginning as many e-commerce platforms including Magento that need huge hosting resources. It is not for WooCommerce however. On shared Hosting providers like the JustHost, Hostgator, and Bluehost, you can easily host a standard online store.

Easy to Setup and Configure Platform

People are sure to agree that WooCOmmerce is simple and very easy to set-up for those who have set-up an Open Cart or Magento. It comes with no disadvantage as such. It is available in the Core Platform and additional functionality is all available through the plugins whichever is required. Though you might have used several shopping carts you will love using WOoCommerce as it is completely intuitive.

A powerful platform

Whatever an e-commerce store might need, WooCommerce comes with all the features. As it does not have every functionality out of the box, the E-commerce consultants will of-course agree to it. several of the features are free as a few of the functionality needs to be added through the plugins. The features that are included here are as follows:

  • Affiliate Management
  • Advanced Shipping
  • Advanced Pricing
  • And many more…

Several other primary features are included in these e-commerce stores such as:

  • Variant categories and products- to create/edit, etc.
  • Several images along with the related products, etc along with the product description page.
  • Get the list and grid view of the product listing pages.
  • Set up of products and variants in colors, sizes, etc.
  • Quick checkout along with the account setup and login for customers
  • Invoice, email on order, order management, etc.
  • Shipping, promos, discounts, along taxes.
  • Setup of home page slideshow setup, etc.

Secured, well maintained, and regularly updated platform

There is a common misconception that is going along as Woocommerce, and WordPress is free to use, open-source, platforms and people think that it is not secured. The security of your online store usually depends on how proactive the development team is and this is the truth here.

SSL is simply the beginning and several other facets need to be kept in mind in terms of security. There are specialized FREE plugins to enhance WordPress and Woocommerce security once again.

Woocommerce features multifold is complemented by WordPress

With WordPress functionality that is backing it is one of the best things that set woocommerce apart as an e-commerce platform. With the offering of the CMS, blogging platform, and a host of their functionality through the WordPress plugins, every WOoCommerce powered e-commerce store has WordPress within it with CMS.

Woocommerce E-commerce website can be extended to an App

For an open REST API enablement that is quite valuable to extend its functionality, WordPress and Woocommerce offer both.

As required, the API can even be extended forward and customized. You can also make use of the API yourself for building a mobile app either in Android, iOS, or even a cross-platform one, apart from several other 3rd parts, widget-based services that are provided by Woocommerce App experience.

Woocommerce is Scalable to up-to thousands of products.

The scalability of the platform, in terms of traffic and also in terms of the products and categories that it supports is one of the major concerns of many people. Without any hassle, WooCommerce can support thousands of products. It can support heavy traffic with CDN, optimized data, right catching, and others.

Multicurrency, Multi-lingual e-commerce stores setup.

Currently, Woocommerce supports more than 56 languages. A Woocommerce multi-lingual store is easy to build mainly due to its large community of supporters and developers. To support the multiple-language and multicurrency features along with the advanced configuration options, WPML is the main plugin.

To Conclude

In terms of highly on affordability, scalability, community support, features as an e-commerce development platform, and ease of use, the WooCommerce store scores quite well.


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