Travis Wynn – The Total Package

At just 23 years of age, Travis “The Total Package” Wynn has had a lot of success inside and outside of the ring / cage.

George from MY MMA NEWS had the opportunity to speak with Wynn on his success as a fighter, a training partner, and even an announcer!

MY MMA NEWS: Travis, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, I know you are down in Florida right now.

Travis Wynn: “Aw man no problem, any way to spread the word about myself, thanks for the call!”

My MMA NEWS: Travis, you last fought at Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) 33, winning by split decision over Dave Morgan. You are only 23 with a 6-1 professional record, and a three-fight winning streak. What is next for you?

TW: “I am looking for a number one contender match or a title fight next. I want to fight again in the fall. I am still working with CFFC inside and outside of the ring. I am definitely hoping for a big fight.”

MY MMA NEWS: How often are you training these days, and what does your training regimen consist of?

TW: “I am still working out every morning doing cardio. In the evenings I am trying to polish up areas of my game, like some Gi jiu jitsu and no Gi jiu jitsu. I also work on my wrestling and boxing skills. I want to stay sharp on all aspects of my game.”

MY MMA NEWS: So you are training at Team Balance-affiliate 302 BJJ with Tim Williams. He is currently on this season’s TUF. What’s it like having the opportunity to workout out with Williams?

TW: “That’s right, I train at 302 BJJ and I also cross train over at Martinez BJJ. William Martinez and the guys out there are great and so are 302. Training with Timmy (Tim Williams) completely changed my outlook on the sport…I started out as an amateur at 302 BJJ when I met him. Timmy is an inspirational teammate, and I want to be where Timmy is.”

MY MMA NEWS: I can imagine having teammates at that level are always a benefit in helping your game, and you are a good teammate to have as well. They call you the “Total Package”, does this have anything to do with you also being a commentator in the sport?

TW: (Laughing) “Yea I also do commentating for CFFC. I try to be a business-minded individual. You can’t fight forever and it is a good idea to have something to fall back on. I have always been well spoken and I know a lot on mma. I approached Rob to color commentate on the CFFC cards and he gave me the opportunity to do an under card.”

MY MMA NEWS: How many cards were you able to commentate on?

TW: I did about three or four under cards. I also had the opportunity to commentate on a pro fight as a special guest commentator.

MY MMA NEWS: That is awesome! So have you ever been able to “scout”, per say, on potential opponents?

TW: “Not really since most of the guys I commentated on were up and coming amateurs while I have been fighting pro. I do get to see some of these guys develop which is cool and some might fight pro in my division one day.”

MY MMA NEWS: You fight at 125 pounds in the flyweight division, do you plan on staying in this weight class, or can we see you move onto another weight class?

TW: “I want to stay in the flyweight division. I love the competition in this weight class. I am most comfortable at flyweight and I dream of fighting in the UFC in this weight class. If I ever needed to fight at a higher weight class, I would consider it.  I cut a lot of weight to get to 125.”

MY MMA NEWS: How much weight do you cut?

TW: “I walk around 148-152. I will cut around 20-25 pounds. A lot of guys in the weight I walk around are physically bigger than me, so I moved to 125 and use my strength as an advantage. I don’t lose strength from the cut.”

MY MMA NEWS: That’s a big cut. Is that something you learned to do from wrestling?

TW: “Actually, I learned from Timmy how to cut weight appropriately and in a safe manner. I always give myself eight weeks to prepare for a fight, I don’t like to take fights on short notice.”

MY MMA NEWS: Have you ever had promoters approach you on taking a fight on a short notice?

TW: “I never had to worry about promoters asking me on a short notice.”

MY MMA NEWS: So how far along do you think until we see you in Bellator or the UFC?

TW: “Hopefully soon man. I am shooting for the UFC. I have beaten quality fighters like Dave Morgan and I am always trying to take on fighters with a winning record. There are a lot of guys in the UFC with a 6-1 or 8-1 record in the UFC, so I should be there soon hopefully.”

MY MMA NEWS: Do you think with Tim being on TUF he can help you get your foot in the door?

TW: “That’s the plan (laughing). I’m always telling him (Tim Williams) that “If you hear anything Timmy, drop my name please! Tell Dana (White) that I am ready to fight at flyweight if anyone drops out.”

MY MMA NEWS: Great stuff Travis. It sounds like you have your head on straight with a good team and you have a backup plan with learning the commentating game. Where could we find you on social media?

TW: “I am everywhere man. On Facebook just type in my name Travis Wynn, my profile picture is of me after one of my fights. On Twitter @TravisWynnMMA and on Instagram is @allidoiswynn”

MY MMA NEWS: Travis on behalf from MY MMA NEWS thanks again for getting to know you better. We wish you the greatest success and hope to see you in the UFC someday. I also want to thank “Lewie” for referring you! Any shout outs before you go?

TW: “Thank you guys, I always appreciate getting the chance to get my name out there. 302 BJJ, Martinez BJJ, TJ’s Boxing. Lewie gets a thanks too that’s right man! Thank you guys for everything!”


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