Jorge Masvidal

UFC 239: Jorge Masvidal using roots, not trends, to climb to the top

In what many are labeling as their most exciting fight on the UFC 239 card, Jorge Masvidal will take on Ben Askren in a welterweight fight that could play a deciding factor into who gets the next welterweight title shot.

While Ben Askren has exploded onto the scene and become a quick fan favorite with his quick witted humor and lack of care about his opponents’ feelings, he’s just getting started in the UFC and for some welterweights, they want to be the first to shut him up. Askren isn’t attacking anyone physically at press conferences or putting on some shtick that will make fans and media cringe, he’s just being Ben Askren, and for some fighters like champion Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal, that’s more than enough.

Jorge Masvidal didn’t grow up in the social media era, he grew up on backyard brawls, literally. Getting his name out there first as a teammate of Kimbo Slice in his infamous backyard brawls, Masvidal has only known one thing: being a fighter.

Coming from a Cuban background and living in Florida, Masvidal has worked, or literally, fought, for everything he has, and he’s not stopping at UFC 239. He’s always been known for his willingness to fight but it wasn’t until earlier this year when “Gamebred” made his statement known, he’s ready to become a world champion.

Matched up against rising star Darren Till back in March, Masvidal faced quick adversity when he was dropped early in the first-round, but as his fighting nature has always done, he was able to overcome adversity and quiet an entire stadium of London fans. In the third round Masvidal caught Darren Till with a left hook that sent him straight to the canvas and sent shockwaves through the division.

Backstage as he discussed his big win over Till, Jorge Masvidal became an internet sensation when he approached Leon Edwards who was trash talking Masvidal, who then walked over to Edwards and served him a “three piece and a soda” combo of punches.

The slogan would be coined by Masvidal in an interview with ESPN following the altercation, but more than anything, that was just Jorge Masvidal being Jorge Masvidal. That’s all he knows. If someone is running their mouth in front of his face, Masvidal has no problem taking care of business and letting his fists do the talking for him.

Masvidal hasn’t engaged in social media like some fighters have, he hasn’t needed to engage in back-and-forth in press conferences, and it’s simply all because his fighting roots speak for him. In staying true to who he is and where he’s come from, growing up as a fighter, and not falling into the trap of becoming trendy, Jorge Masvidal will take on Ben Askren in what could be the most anticipated fight of UFC 239, which will see two titles on the line.

Jorge Masvidal is a fighter and although he’s been very vocal about his dislike of Ben Askren leading up to the fight, he’ll have a chance to stop Askren’s rise, and in doing so, he’ll have a chance to see his name right in the title picture. 

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