USKA Fight Night Philly 4

USKA Fight Night Philly 4 recap, results, and video

USKA Fight Night Philly 4 took place Saturday, January 26, at the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia.  Gary Grant Jr. and his kickboxing/muay-thai promotion did not disappoint as the evening was filled with action and brought the crowd to it’s feet numerous times.  Fight recaps and results are below.

1  Chelsea Davila vs Rachel Pinto-Martin  120 lbs

Pinto-Martin came out aggressive and landed some kicks and combinations.  Davila showed huge heart and got in a few nice head shots as well.  Rachel knocked Davila down for a standing 8 count near the end of the first.  In the second round, Rachel continued her assault as Davila tried to battle with some kicks and a spinning back-fist.  Another knockdown for Pinto-Martin and at the end of the 2nd round, the doctor called a halt to the fight.  Pinto-Martin via TKO after 2 rounds

2  Trevahn ” War Angel” Stephevs vs Joshua Visokey  177 lbs

Both of these guys came out looking to end the fight on one punch.  Heavy heat from both guys were landing.  Visokey scored a knockdown but it looked like a slip to me.  Stephens remained composed and looked to have more gas as the first round ended.  At the start of the 2nd, Stephens let his hands go and rocked Visokey knocking him down twice.  The second time Visockey fell through the ropes and injured his leg ending the fight.  Stephens via TKO 1:03 round 2

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3  Andre Thomas vs Jason Oakes 145 lbs

At the opening bell, Oakes bull rushed Thomas trying to end it quickly.  The nimble Thomas escaped and scored on the exit and then opened up and landed 2 monster left crosses to the jaw which ended the fight. Very impressive performance from the Gracie 717 member, Thomas.   Andre Thomas via KO 1:03 round 1

4  Justin Grose vs Omar Principe 152 lbs

Justin Grose of Stay-Fly Muay-Thai put on a clinic landing a beautiful assortment of strikes.  Principe showed huge heart standing in there and taking it the distance.  In the second round, Grose scored on a succession of switch kicks to the body that looked robotic and in the third hurt Principe with a few knees to the body.  A complete performance.  Grose via unanimous decision 30-26 on all scorecards

5 Michael Barrick vs Juwan Gonzalez 145 lbs

These two went toe to toe for the full 3 rounds.  What stuck out was the athleticism of Gonzalez as he landed more punishing blows with a few jump kicks and knees.  He was fun to watch. Both guys leftit all in the ring.  Gonzalez via unanimous decision 30-27 29-28 29-28

6 Christian Dexter vs Dylan Harnish  145 lbs

Harnish took this bout on a weeks notice and 10 lbs over his weight class.  It did not affect him from what I saw as he dominated the fight.  Darnish fights with a confidence but remains composed.  Dexter was a warrior lasting the full 3 rounds and continued to throw combinations.  Dylan was just too much for him.. Harnish via unanimous decision 30-25 30-25 30-26

7 Brice Harrison vs TJ Cuevas  129 lbs

Cuevas had been looking for his first fight for over 6 months and did not hesitate at a late replacement in Harrison.  Cuevas remained composed as Harrison opened with a flurry of strikes looking to end it early.  Cuevas with the nice counter attack.  TJ then unleashes his own flurry bringing the crowd to it’s feet as he forces the referee to stop the fight.  Cuevas via TKO 1:27 round 1

8 Jonathan Fox vs Jesse Burke  145 lbs

This was fight of the night.  Jesse ” the Wolf Pup” Burke is a dynamo and was giving up a ton of length and reach.  Fox is a finely tuned machine as well.  The Wolf Pup opened up round 1 as the aggressor and was fearless getting inside and scoring with his hands, including some uppercuts.  It seemed like he never stopped throwing and kicking those long legs of Fox.  In the 2nd round, Burke seemed to find a little rhythm and was able to use his legs to create more space and keep Burke from getting inside as much.  They took turns exchanging, both showing great chins and cardio.  The 3rd round, the fun continued.  Both of these guys are warriors and gave plenty of punishment as well as taking it.  I wish this fight was more than 3 rounds.  Promoter Gary Grant Jr. is in the front row shaking his head at this fight.  It was that good. This battle goes to the judges scorecards…  Burke via split decision 30-27 28-29 29-28

9 Bridget Benson vs Dianna Karavas  150 lbs

Benson is out of Rami Elite and has the legend, Rami Ibrahim, in her corner.  Karavas fights out of 302 BJJ and Muay-Thai and has MyMMANews 2019 Pro Fighter of the Year (and her boyfriend) Earl ” Trouble” Small and Steve McCabe working her corner.  Karavas sets the tone early with some very quick hands, scoring early and often.  Benson shows resilience and weathers the storm trying to use her legs to slow it down.  Rounds 2 and 3 are back and forth with both ladies kicking each other and some clinching.  Dianna seemed to have the advantage with her boxing and continued to land scoring combos.  I had Karavas winning all 3 rounds but it goes to the judges scorecards…Karavas via split decision 30-27 28-29 29-28


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