Vicente Luque finishes Randy Brown in Vegas

Vicente Luque finishes Randy Brown in Vegas

We’ve had some great fights so far tonight at UFC Fight Night 173. Unfortunately, we lost a few fights off the card, but luckily we still got to see Vicente Luque and Randy Brown go at it. This match up got many of us excited as soon as it was signed, they’re two of the top welterweight prospects in the sport with a wide array of skills, and neither of them have ever had a boring fight.

As soon as round one started, Luque immediately started attacking the lead calf of Brown, landing numerous calf kicks from start to finish. This opened up Luque’s hands, as he dropped Brown with a thunderous overhand right just before the midway point of round one. He also hurt Brown with a hard left hook toward the end of the round, all the while landing those nasty calf kicks.

Round two was much of the same, Luque picking Brown apart throughout, mostly with the calf kicks, he even dropped Brown with one of them in this round. Brown started getting creative with his strikes, he had to, what he was doing wasn’t working. He did land a nice spinning back elbow, but that’s the most effective strike he landed all night, and Luque walked right through it. He tried returning those leg kicks, but that didn’t work out for him either.

Brown ended up getting a beautiful takedown on Luque momentarily, but Luque got right back to his feet and tied up with him on the fence. Brown changed his level on the fence, Luque wrapped his head up, before landing a vicious knee, followed by a few very hard punches. Luque ended up defeating Brown via KO (knee and punches) at 4:56 of round two.

Luque picks up yet another knockout victory, the eighth in his UFC career, and improves his record to 19-7-1 (12-3-1 UFC) with his win tonight. He had the perfect gameplan coming into tonight’s fight. As Dominick Cruz said, that calf kick was the perfect weapon to take away Brown’s jab, and he was right, it worked out beautifully for him.

What’s next for Vicente Luque?

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