Willette ends Cage Wars 34 fight with a Superman punch

Willette ends Cage Wars 34 fight with a Superman punch

Superman Punch Ends the Fight

Accoding to Online Betting NZ, an epic Superman punch delivered flawlessly by MMA fighter Shane Willette ended his Cage Wars 34 fight against Anthony Kasdorf in the first round.

This move is one rarely seen in MMA bouts, simply because there are very few fighters who have the confidence to pull this spectacular move off properly. But, during Saturday’s Cage War 34 fight which took place in New York, Willette decided it was the right place and the right time –and he was not wrong!

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124 Likes, 8 Comments – FloCombat (@flocombat) on Instagram: “👊SUPERMAN PUNCH‼️👊 #CageWars34 was insane, but this #knockout was a special kind of awesome. #fight…”

Flying and Fantastic Punches

In a brilliant move of airborne acrobatics, as punters who had a stake in the fight thanks to the online betting NZ offers will fondly recall, Willette flew at his opponent and managed to land an excellent punch. After being struck, Kasdorf stumbled backwards, and it was not long after this that the ref decided that the fighter would be unable to continue.

McGregor Made it Popular Again

This punch recently became fashionable once more after fans of the MMA discovered that Conor McGregor would be allowed to use it during his highly publicized boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. One wonders if the fight would have turned out differently if he had!

Although the Superman punch is not outlawed in boxing matches, it is far more commonly seen in MMA fights, and was brought into the public awareness by WWE’s Roman Reigns. Perhaps the most well-known example of this strike being used in a boxing ring is when Julio Cesar Chavez, the featherweight champion, hit Roger Mayweather with it so hard that Mayweather actually went through the ropes.

What exactly is a Superman Punch?

A Superman punch can be described as a technique used in Lethwei, Sanshou, ITF-style Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts fighting, and Kickboxing. It involves the fighter bringing his rear leg forward in a pretend kick, before snapping the leg back while simultaneously throwing a cross. This results in incredible power behind the punch, as is evidenced every time a fighter gets bold enough to bring it into the ring, or the octagon.

The earliest Superman punch to be documented in an MMA fight was in the Bas Rutten fight at UFC 20, when he was facing off against Kevin Randleman.

Pro-wrestler Roman Reigns makes use of a version of the Superman punch, a jumping, cross-body right hand blow, as his signature move, and he christened it, giving it its current moniker.
There is another variation of this move that has the fighter pushing off from the fence with the opposite foot before punching.

The Superb Styles of Shane Willette

Willette is a welterweight fighter who hails from Upstate New York, and he is famous for garnering attention during every fight he has taken part in. He is a first-rate athlete, and is determined to better himself on a continuous basis, as is evident from this most recent event. He is a veteran of the cage and counts as fans men and women in very high places.

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