martial arts online class, World's Largest Martial Arts Online Class to be held on Saturday

World’s Largest Martial Arts Online Class to be held on Saturday

If you like martial arts and breaking records then there’s an event that you’re going to want to take part in this weekend.

On Saturday, the World’s Largest Martial Arts Online Class (WLC) will take place. The event is being put on by Kickside Martial Arts, a New Jersey based martial arts studio.

“As martial arts instructors, we’re all missing the daily interaction with our students,” John Kanabay, the WLC’s creator said in a statement. “We created this event as a way to engage with our students but also to raise much needed monies for healthcare professionals”

If the WLC sets a world record, it will be the second record they’ve set. Last Saturday, they set an International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) world record by running the “World’s Largest Online Interactive Martial Class.”

While breaking the record, the server crashed on the host of the event due to the how many people came together for the event. Since creating a new channel, 1,813 people participated in the record breaking class.

Last weekend’s class also helped with the COVID-19 pandemic by raising over 6,000 dollars for Project C.U.R.E.

This weekend’s class is free and it will begin at 2 p.m. EDT. The class will once again raise money for Project C.U.R.E. Nine world-renowned martial artists will teaching classes ranging from karate to martial arts.

This weekend’s event will consist of our nine world-renowned martial artists teaching segments in their featured style — ranging from sport karate to mixed martial arts.

Instructors include:

 John Kanabay, World Breaking Champion (Co-Creator, WLC)

Elise Reed: Bellator MMA Fighter (Co-Creator, WLC)

 Mike Chaturantabut: founder of XMA / Blue Power Ranger

 Raymond Daniels: Bellator MMA Fighter

 Mackenzi Emory: Team Paul Mitchell Sport Karate World Champion

 Dave Kovar: Martial Arts Master and motivational speaker

 Jackson Rudolph: Team Paul Mitchell Sport Karate World Champion, Founder of the Flow System

 Chip Townsend: Motivational martial artist, ISKA World Breaking Champion

 Master Ken: Self-proclaimed 11 th degree black belt and comedian

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