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WWE Smackdown Live Recap: Who’s best?

Last night, Smackdown Live took center stage for it’s post Hell in a Cell show, it was night of gainsmanship, and building momentum as the superstars of WWE’s blue brand prepare for the huge October 6th event in Melbourne Australia.

Unlike Raw as always, Smackdown Live delivered another box office smash, in laying down their path as far adding more anticipation and properly setting up the continuation of their marquee feuds heading into Super-Showdown.

So with that here is your complete review of the show.


*The Yes Movement vs. Awesomeness road to the gold*

Smackdown Live began this week with an episode of Miz’s Miz  TV, in which advertised he would have a “surprise” guest joining him who’d be making their return to Smackdown Live, for the moment, smackdown fans wondered anxiously who the guest would be.

Before Miz brought out his guest, he 1st talked about and revealed that he’d facing Daniel Bryan again at Super Showdown, this time to be the next contender for the WWE Championship.

Then of course Miz started boasting about the match, claiming he is better than Bryan and has proved it via his two victories over him at both Summerslam and Hell in a cell, as well as guaranteeing he’ll beat Bryan again at Super Showdown and go on to vi for the WWE Championship

After the cocky rant, it was time for him to introduce his much anticipated guest, but who would it be? could it be a former WWE superstar we had not seen in years? could be an NXT transplant? or maybe a superstar from Raw secretly getting traded that we weren’t aware of.


It turned out that Miz’s special guest was non other than his wife Maryse, who upon her entrance into the arena was showered with an array of boos.

Miz then started to gloat about his wife pinning Brie Bella at Sunday’s Hell in a Cell and claimed she was the much more superior athlete and woman than Bella.

Marsye reiterated Miz’s statement moments after while continuing to gloat about herself.

As the segment started to close out, Miz then suddenly told the WWE Universe he had breaking news, which was obviously Maryse leaving Smackdown Live again to go take care of their newborn daughter.

The WWE Universe irrupted at the news, which Miz arrogantly assumed they were celebrating, then Miz once again started insulting Bryan and his wife, which lead the smackdown crowd to boo again.

Miz, now furious with the WWE Universe booing his wife, took exception, then proceeded to call out Bryan.

Bryan’s music hit as he entered the arena with a microphone, telling the Miz he can talk about him all he wants, but when he talks about his wife, bad things will happen.

Once Bryan stormed into the ring, he brawl ensued between he and Miz, as Bryan was getting the better of him, Bryan mistakenly struck Maryse in the sternum in in the corner when Miz moved out of the way of a kick from Bryan.

Maryse, now down on the canvas, apparently to be injured, brought a hush over the smackdown crowd.

Bryan, who was seen visibly devastated along with the Miz, attempted to check on the fallen Maryse as EMT’s rushed the ring about to apparently stretcher the canadian diva out of the arena.

All of sudden, Maryse started to move on her own, and a evil grin came across her face as she stood up on the ring apron, in what ended up being a set up to lure Bryan in for an ambush from the Miz as he snuck up from behind attempting a Skull Crushing Finale on his bearded foe.

Bryan countered it by moving out of the way, causing Miz strike Maryse, then Bryan clotheslined the Miz out of the ring as he stood tall and the villains fled.

This was a wonderful segment with perfect execution, not only did this lay the ground work for the 3rd chapter of the Miz-Daniel Bryan rivalry, but it also really made the match important as personal and high stakes, while also smoothly writing Maryse off WWE TV without going out the confides of the storyline. Bravo Smackdown Creative.


*Happy ….. English Day?*

In what was Smackdown Live’s most shocking moment of the night, Rusev was set to face The Artist Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Championship.

Before the bout began though, cameras caught up with Rusev and wife Lana backstage doing last minute preparations for the match.

Moments later, Aiden English appeared, apologizing to Rusev for their loss at Hell in a Cell and told him he would make it right when he came out to ringside with him, in which Rusev said he would not be allowed to.

English told Rusev he tried his best, as Rusev blamed him for costing them the Smackdown tag team titles Sunday.

Rusev then told English his best wasn’t good enough as he got ready to walk out to the ring, insisting English prepare to introduce him.

As Rusev and Lana were heading out to the ring, camera’s stayed with English, who became infuriated by his partner’s words then began to angrily claim that he was the reason Rusev was successful as it was, and that Rusev Day wouldn’t be anything without him.

While all this going on, little did English know Lana was standing by watching this from afar.

Which aftewards, she confronted English letting him know she would inform Rusev of his two-faced behavior.

A little while after witnessing English’s dastardly comments, Lana attempted to warn Rusev of what he’d done but Rusev ignored it, telling Lana he needed to focus on the bout with Nakamura.

Once the match finally began, Rusev got off to a red hot start, and basically dominated Nakamura for most it’s entirety.

Meanwhile, at ringside, Aiden English was cheering his partner on, leading the fans into some Rusev Day chants.

Nakamura then started to mount a comeback, but Rusev had cut him off, landing two deadly kicks that almost won him the title.

The closing moments of the match saw Rusev gearing up for one more high impact move, when Aiden English got up on the ring apron and loudly shouting RUSEV CRUSH!! on the mic, causing a distracting that allowed Nakamura to roll the Lion of Bulgaria up for the pinfall.

Rusev once again dejected with English costing him another shot at championship victory, attempted to leave the ring when out of nowhere was attacked by his now former partner as English struck Rusev repeatedly in the head with the microphone.

The lasting image saw English stand over his fallen former partner’s beaten body, as began to sing Happy Rusev Day before leaving the ring  to a chorus of loud boos from the smackdown audience.

Eventhough we all knew this was coming, I’d think WWE would’ve pulled the trigger on a bigger platform such as a Survivor Series, or the Smackdown 10000th episode.

But I guess being that they had been teasing this happening for so long, now was the perfect time for it.

Regardless, I was still stunned to see it.

Now the next step is to build on it, and make this rivalry a good enough where it will not only elevate both men, but will further propel them up the Smackdown Live roster.



*Phenomenal or just lucky?*

Smackdown’s best match of the night came when WWE Champion AJ Styles met rising star Andrade “Cien” Almas one-one-one in just their 2nd meeting on the show.

The contest was another back-and-forth affair that showed Almas’s ability once again, to compete with WWE’s elite.

Taking Styles to his limit once again, it seemed like Almas was on the brink of  actually beating him.

But ever the resilient champion he is, Styles was able to capitalize on a Almas mistake, hitting the Styles Clash for a hard fought win.

Shortly after the win, as Styles was celebrating, out came Samoa Joe from behind to attack the WWE Champion.

Styles eventually fought back, causing Joe to escape out of the ring through the WWE Universe, shouting YOU’LL NEVER BE SAFE, as he walked back towards the dressing room.


*The New Queen Lasskicker*

In the final segment of Smackdown Live ended with a special coronation for new Smackdown women’s champion Becky Lynch.

The ceremony began with Smackdown general manager Paige standing in the ring next to a stand with Smackdown women’s title on it, as she officially introduced Lynch.

Lynch made her way down to ringside as Paige officially presented her with the her newly won championship.

Becky then got on the mic self-centeredly talking about how the long journey she’d been on to finally regaining the Smackdown women’s title and how she didn’t need all the pomp and circumstance of all the women in the locker room surrounding the ring to celebrate her.

She then called out Charlotte Flair to the ring.

As Charlotte entered the ring, Paige warned both women that their would be no altercation, Flair told Paige she wasn’t there to fight, but to show Lynch the proper respect she never showed her.

Lynch, not convinced of Flair gracious gesture, began mocking The Queen, even suggested she raise her hand and put the Smackdown womens title around her waiste.

In the midst of this, Flair told Lynch she’ll invoke her rematch clause at Super-Showdown and regain her championship.

Lynch continued her bragging with one final insult to Flair as Smackdown Live went off the air,


Flair then tackled Lynch to the mat as the two brawled onto the outside of the ring where Lynch would gain the upper hand.

As she threw Flair back inside the ring, she locked on the dreaded Disarmer, to thunderous cheers from the fans

Referees and WWE officials finally pulled Lynch off of Flair but Lynch was able to brake away and slapped on the  Disarmer on the Queen again.



Cesaro def. Kofi Kingston

Though it was shorter than needed, it was still a fun, entertaining match that showcased the talents of 2/3rd’s of two of WWE’s elite tag teams, Cesaro winning was smart booking that presented The Bar as a legit threat to the champs which they are. I mean hell, their the ones who ended New Day’s historic title reign the originally.

Asuka def. Billie Kay

The downfall of Asuka continues SMH. you remember that time when Asuka was the invisible, terrifying, ninja who mowed everyone down in her way? those were the days *sigh*

*A venomous Viper*

Is it me? or is this updated heel version of Randy Orton better than the Legend Killer gimmick? man…. this guy gets better and sicker with time, I absolute love it, do me a favor WWE Creative, DON’T EVER MAKE ORTON A FAN FAVORITE AGAIN, Got it good?  in all the tactics I’ve seen villains do, this one has to be right up at the top, intimidating a production truck guy into replaying violent clips of the heel inflicting punishment on his opponent for his own pleasure? MONEY $$$$

Well, Smackdown won again, wonderful show with effective segments that brought real intensity to the current stories and in my opinion increased my excitement for Super Showdown.




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