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Chase Moeller and Erik Purcell

18-year-old Chase Moeller excited for his MMA debut at Art of War Cage Fighting 24, April 15th

Interview with Chase Moeller above

Following MPR Endurance MMA team leader Erik Purcell on social media introduced me to Chase Moeller.  Purcell is constantly praising the young man for his tireless work ethic and desire to compete and become great. When I reached out to AOW matchmaker, Jillian Peterson, looking for a few good interviews for their upcoming AOW 24 card in Lebanon, PA, she told me to check in on “this crazy 18-year-old kid” who loves to train and was making his debut.  Peterson knows first-hand and sees Moeller on a daily basis because MPR is also her home gym.

MyMMANews took Jillian’s advice and got to chat with the excitable, hardworking Moeller to see how he was making out in his first ever fight camp and also to find out how he got to this point in his life that he wanted to fight. Chase tells us…

“I started playing sports as a kid since I was 5 or 6 years old but then I just stopped for a few years and was this little fat kid.  My mom was like we got to get you into doing something because I took a break from soccer and all of that. I took a couple boxing classes and then my grandma knew Babe Sabatini, who is Pat’s grandfather and he told her that she should get me over to MPR.  At first, I was like, nah, I want to do boxing.  Eventually I got in there and Erik was like we are going to get you in shape.  I met Pat (Sabatini – UFC fighter) the first day, it was an interesting experience.  I started taking some classes and from there I started taking it more seriously, started competing and then I got into wrestling from there and wrestled all through high school and now I got back here and want to do MMA.”

Please check out our interview on the link above.

I always enjoy getting to know these competitors when they first get involved in fighting.  It’s like being there for chapter one and then continuing to tell their story as they progress through their early years and possibly on to bigger and better things.  We are the grass roots website and get into the regional combat sports scene like nobody else.

MyMMANews will be cage-side on commentary, live event results and amazing photos in Lebanon on April 15th for Chase’s debut as well as the rest of the AOW 24 card.

Chase Moeller and Erik Purcell
Chase Moeller and Erik Purcell

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