6 Films About Female Friendship

6 Films About Female Friendship

Autumn is the right time for cozy films. Moreover, if they are about female friendship, that actually doesn’t need any special occasion to be reminded of. We recommend 6 movies that will create a special atmosphere and remind you of the value of friendship.

1.   The Hustle

Sometimes it is enough to have the same interests to start an acquaintance, and everything else will come with time. Penny (Rebel Wilson) and Josephine (Anne Hathaway) meet by chance on a train and realize that they make a living in the same way — fraud. If the first one just steals on the streets, then the second will make you transfer several million dollars to her account. Josephine decides to bring Penny up to her level and team up to pull off an even bigger jackpot. This is a remake of a 1988 film and a light movie for an evening for laughs and talking about everything. You can also play at Canadian Zodiac Casino to have a fun and relaxing time.

6 Films About Female Friendship

2.   The Help

How American women became friends in the 60s, when a successful marriage, well-groomed children, and a beautiful hairstyle testified to a good reputation? Probably somewhat hypocritical. The main character Skeeter (Emma Stone) does not even reach for an exemplary image. She is outraged by the snobbery in society and the disdainful attitude of women she knows towards servants. To overcome at least one last problem, Skeeter wants to write a book about their lives. For the first comments, she turns to one of Aibileen’s nannies (Viola Davis) and her friend Minnie (Octavia Spencer). These two women will become an example of true friendship and indomitable spirit. The film received four Oscar nominations and won the award for Best Supporting Actress for Octavia Spencer.

3.   Frances Ha

A black-and-white story from director Noah Baumbach about two friends and the atmosphere of New York. Francis and Sophie have already become so close that they are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the other. But 27 years old is the age when it is time to realize yourself as a person and find your calling. Meanwhile, Frances dreams of becoming a dancer and going to Paris with Sophie. She cannot let go of her friend and has no idea that their paths are about to diverge.

4.   Wine Country

Nothing sparks an open conversation like a glass of wine. Okay, it might require a trip to wine country. In honour of her friend Rebecca’s 50th birthday, Abby (Amy Poehler, who also directed the comedy) decides to gather the whole company and go to Napi Valley. The program includes shopping, moving from one winery to another, a surprise party, and just the long-awaited relaxation without work, children, and household problems. However, over a glass, the women begin to discover secrets and realize that they do not know everything about each other.

5.   Booksmart

Do you remember your school friend? The one with whom it is easy to write a test, and you can go to the club, and she does not mind skipping PE together. Amy and Molly, on the contrary, earned the authority of exemplary girls. Their entertainment was limited to books, and their goals were to get into college. On the last day of school, the girls realize that the youth has passed, and they don’t have any bright moments. However, they have one chance to make up for all the lost years — to go to a party with the most popular boy in school.

6.   Hidden Figures

This is the true story of three African-American NASA mathematicians who did the scientific calculations to launch astronaut John Glenn into Earth orbit. With humour, lightness, and incredible confidence, the heroines prove their professionalism. A star cast will be a nice bonus: Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, Taraji P Henson, Kevin Costner, and Jim Parsons.


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