Alexis Barbosa

Alexis Barbosa spreading his wings and his voice in regional combat sports

Alexis Barbosa has turned his passion for boxing into a multi-faceted career.  Alexis manages TKO Fitness in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  They host numerous fitness classes as well as provide advanced classes for those who challenge themselves in competition. There are boxers and mixed martial artists present daily to work on their crafts.Alexis Barbosa

Alexis is a boxing veteran who is thrilled with the uprising of the sweet science in the past couple of years. It seems that on both the national and regional scene, there are boxing cards on a regular basis.

This has put him in position to enjoy his work that much more along with greater opportunity to expand his roles.  Barbosa accidentally fell into the duties of ring announcer a while back, and found out that he enjoyed it and was really good at it.

Alexis is currently the voice inside the ring for King’s Boxing and USKA.  AB loves to play the part and throw on a stylish suit to match his personality when he is in front of the camera.

His smile gives it away inside the ropes.  He enjoys what he is doing and he’s just getting started.  I stopped in to TKO Fitness in Cherry Hill, NJ to chat with the always happy, Alexis.  Check us out below.  We talked about a little of everything and had some fun.


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