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Anderson Silva says he did not take a dive against Jake Paul

When former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva was announced as an opponent against YouTube sensation turned boxer Jake Paul, many believed there was no way “The Spider” could lose.

How could he?  He was once one of the most dominant mixed martial artists on the planet, and then when he transitioned to boxing, Silva continued to soar.

Paul on the other hand was making a name for himself by defeating basketball players and former UFC fighters inside the ring.

Then the day finally came where Silva and Paul would face off and to the surprise of many, “The Problem Child” would defeat the MMA legend.

“The people don’t give credit to Jake,” Silva told TMZ at LAX airport. “Jake is a very young guy, he’s very determined and training hard every day.”

Official Result: Jake Paul def. Anderson Silva via unanimous decision (77-74, 78-73, 78-73)

“I didn’t have the strategy correct and I lost the fight and that’s amazing because I continue to learn, continue to accept the new technique with my coach, and that’s great.”

The combat sports legend in Silva then offered praise to his former opponent.

“Jake, continue to do your job, bro. You’re doing amazing. I love you!”

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