UFC Rankings Update: Johnson Rumbles To The Top

Anthony Johnson wants million dollar pay to fight Jon Jones

Anthony Johnson recently came out and said the only way he will return to the Octagon is if he is to fight Jon Jones at heavyweight. The two were supposed to fight back at UFC 187 before Jones got into legal trouble.

‘Rumble’ knows that fight needs to happen, but if it does it has to be at heavyweight. As well, Johnson needs a million dollar payday.

“Jon and I were supposed to fight four years ago,” Johnson said to Josh Thomson on the Sammy and the Punk. “If a fight that was supposed to happen four years ago is still a hot topic. That’s not some half a million dollar payday. That’s worthy of every penny you deserve to fight somebody. “I’m not gonna say a number right now. Put it like this. It’s more than a million — plus pay-per-view buys.”

Ultimately, Johnson remains confident it will happen. Although a million dollar pay may seem like a lot, Johnson knows just how big the fight could be.

“At the end of the day, everybody comes out on top,” he said. “The organization is obviously going to come out on top. And the fighters come out on top cause they got paid, and the fans come out on top because they got to see that one fight that they wanted to see.”

In the end, it is a fight many fans had hoped to see when the two were atop the light heavyweight division. Given Jones looked unstoppable and ‘Rumble’ had the one-punch knockout power that could be Jones’ kryptonite. Even after all the years, Johnson remains confident he has what it takes to fight Jones if they do indeed fight.

“I do think I can take Jon,” he said. “I honestly believe I can beat anybody. I’m a fighter, I’m supposed to believe in my skills.”

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