Art of War 15 live results: Petroski vs Goodridge

Art of War 15 live results: Andre Petroski vs Shedrick Goodridge

Art of War Cagefighting has exploded in the Pennsylvania market since its inception, traveling through multiple cities throughout the state. However, theres nothing like being home for the holidays! Art of War 15 will be their ninth card out of their fifteen events to take place at the historic 2300 Arena, their home base of operations, selling out shows time and time again. Friday, December 13th, Art of War 15 is expected to be no different. Promoter, Mike Bickings, matchmaker, Jillian Peterson and the entire AOW staff has worked tirelessly to put together a year-end card that will make 2019 forever memorable, while leaving their loyal fight fans screaming for more entering into 2020.

Headlining this dynamic year-ending card is undefeated rising star, Andre Petroski who looks to keep his momentum skyrocketing entering into the new year. Petroski takes on the seasoned veteran, Shedrick “Chocolate Thunder” Goodridge in for the AOW middleweight world title that assures grit and tenacity from early on until this bout is stopped, as I don’t foresee the judges needed in this bout.

In the co-main event of the evening, top Delaware prospect, and 302 standout, Brandon “Black Panther” Davis takes on Eddie “The Panamaniac” Alvarez in a bout that Davis predicts will be the highest energy/paced fight on the entire card!

Art of War 15 Full Results!

185 lbs: Shedrick “Chocolate Thunder” Goodridge (186) vs Andre Petroski (185)

Round 1: Goodridge opens the bout firing two leg kicks, following with a headkick. Petroski closes the distance, pressing Goodridge against the cage, where he goes to work punching with nasty intentions. Goodridge makes his way back to his feet, but Petroski gets Goodridge’s leg, and trips him back to the floor. Petroski opens up with a heavy onslaught of vicious punches to the head of Goodridge. Petroski secures the guillotine, which looks close. However, he gives it up and switches to a rear naked choke. Petroski continues to work on Goodridge and throws his hooks in. He postures up on Goodridge’s back and continues With the heavy punch onslaught. Goodridge scrambles on the ground to improve his position, but is met by Petroski’s attacks at every turn. Petroski circles to the back of Goodridge, grabbing a wrist and using his other arm to load up on devastating punches to the grounded Goodridge. The round closes with Petroski on Goodridge’s back while landing significant heavy leather.

Round 2: Petroski closes the distance quickly, pressing Goodridge to the cage. Petroski grabs a single leg and drags Goodridge to the canvas, landing in half guard with Goodridge looking to secure Petroski’s neck. Petroski advances position to full mount, but Goodridge gives up his back and Petroski unloads with punches and elbows to Goodridge, wearing him down and flattening him out. From there its a matter of time as Petroski postures up and throws violent punches sounding off like explosives until Goodridge finally covers up. It wasn’t much longer for the referee to see this fight was over, stepping in to call a halt to the action.

Winner: Andre Petroski via TKO at 2:29 into round 2

125 lbs: Eddie Alvarez (129.6) vs Brandon Davis (130.8)

Round 1: Both fighters feel each other out trading kicks to start the bout. They trade lighting fast punches with Alvarez clipping Davis early with a right hand, buckling Davis’ legs. Alvarez tries to pounce on the injured Davis, while Davis looked to close the distance against the cage. Alvarez looked for openings to land the finishing shot but Davis is able to utilize his wrestling base, and secure a heavy slam, taking Alvarez to the canvas. Davis took the offense after the slam, looking for several submission attempts and peppering Alvarez while riding his back. Davis flattens Alvarez briefly, throwing some light strikes to the head. Alvarez gets to his knees and is looking to advance position, while Davis stays consistent on the back, adding up his punches. In the final 10 seconds of the round, Alvarez turns with his back to the mat, while Davis transitions to the top, landing more shots and scoring points to close the round.

Round 2: Davis pops his jab out for distance, but doesn’t commit as the two feel each other out again. Alvarez steps in for a straight right that’s blocked. Davis fires a front kick up the middle and maintains his distance. Davis feints inside and while switching levels, is caught with a nasty knee from Alvarez during the shot, but he continues pushing forward in his shot to get the bout to the ground. The fighters quickly work their back to the feet and create distance to reset. Davis persists with another takedown from the outside that Alvarez is able to defend, but is pressed against the cage. Alvarez begins peppering his own shots while Davis continues to keep the pressure on Alvarez against the fence and throwing knees on the inside to stay active. The round closes with the two battling it out against the cage… Davis pressing Alvarez, while Alvarez lands punches while trying to advance/get away from the cage.

Round 3: Alvarez pops a double jab followed by a leg kick to open this round. Davis answers with a head kick thats narrowly blocked. Alvarez takes the offense utilizing his crisp boxing, switching levels from body to head effectively landing to keep Davis at bay. Davis gets back to his roots and shoots, yet again and pressing Alvarez against the cage. This time Alvarez has his number and quickly gets the fight back to center cage. Both fighters feint their respective shots, until Davis attempts tornado kick (360 headkick), that doesn’t do land or do damage, but finds himself planted in front of Alvarez where the two have a short inside trade of punches. The fight returns to center cage, and both fighters sensing a need to pick up the pace, technically battle it out with crisp punch combinations. With 10 seconds left, Davis shoots in to secure the last second points, but his shot is Defended by Alvarez as the final bell of the bout sounds.

Winner: Brandon “Black Panther” Davis via Unanimous Decision
(Judge A: 30-27. Judge B: 30-27, Judge C: 29-28)

150 lbs: Vinny Oristaglio (150.2) vs Will Dill (152)

Round 1: Oristaglio circles the cage with Dill stalking. Dill throws a jab-straight combination and presses the action to the cage where both fighters engage in their own dirty boxing. Going back and forth trading knees and punches to the body, the two fighters exchange dominant positions, while staying tight in the clinch for the better part of the first round. Dill switches levels and secures a takedown landing in his opponents guard. Dill goes to work peppering shots consistently while scoring points against Oristaglio throughout the rest of the opening round.

Round 2: Oristaglio opens with a head kick and follows with a kick to the body. Dill throws a right hand that crushes Oristaglio in his tracks, crumbling him to the ground. Dill swiftly pounces on the injured Oristaglio, with ground and pound bouncing punches off of Oristaglio’s head until the referee sees enough, calling a halt to the bout.

Winner: Will Dill via KO at 27 seconds into round 2

180 lbs: Avery “2 sexy” Sanchis (177.8) vs John “Johnny Garb” Garbarino

Round 1: Garbarino lands a leg kick from the gate and presses Sanchis against the cage where the fighters exchange knees. The fighters split and Garbarino attempts a spinning back kick to the mid section but narrowly misses. Sanchis attempts his own body kick which Garbarino catches and drives Sanchis back to the cage. Garbarino backs off to center cage. Sanchis follows and throws another kick to the body that is caught and Garbarino pushes him against the cage again for the takedown. Garbarino sits on Sanchis’ legs and fires shots to the legs of Sanchis. Sanchis has ahold of Garbarino’s neck for a short time, but Garbarino pops out and goes to work on Sanchis with ground and pound to the body. The fighters stand briefly for a short exchange until Garbarino closes the distance gets the dump, landing short shots to the head to close the round.

Round 2: Garbarino starts the round with a spinning back kick which narrowly misses. Sanchis swings wildly with heavy hooks that Garbino is able to evade and comes forward with a tornado kick that misses the target. Garbarino closes the distance and gets Sanchis off his feet for the takedown and begins raining heavy ground and pound to the head of Sanchis. Sanchis scrambles and does all he can to advance his position but Garbarino stays active with his heavy pressure, punishing Sanchis with heavy ground and pound. Thus, forcing the referee to intervene and stop the contest.

Winner: John “Johnny Garb” Garbarino via TKO. 2:00 into round 2

135 lbs: Christian Bobe (142.4) vs Chris Kwiatowski (142)

Round 1: Bobe fires a leg kick with Kwiatowski quickly returning the favor with his own leg kick. The two spend a fair time feeling the other out. Bobe fires a right hook followed by a straight right and shoots for the takedown. Bobe stays committed to the single leg and gets it to the ground briefly with Kwiatowski popping right back up. Kwiatowski takes the offense and marches forward landing several thudding punches to the head, while nullifying Bobe’s attempts to get it to the ground. Bobe stands and circles against the cage with Kwiatowski stalking him and piecing his punch combinations together upstairs, bloodying Bobe’s face to close the first round.

Round 2: Bobe pops a stiff jab to start the round and follows swiftly with another. Kwiatowski answers with a brutal inside leg kick. Both fighters utilize feints to work their way in, as Bobe cracks a stiff jab, and Kwiatowski begins chopping again at the leg. From the outside, Kwiatowski continues to chop at Bobe’s leg and finally commits to letting his hands go and pressing Bobe against the cage for a brief period. Bobe bounces back throwing his own leather. With 10 seconds left in the round, Bobe blitzes across the cage swinging heavily at Kwiatowski and gets him to the ground where he secures the back, and begins the brutal onslaught to try to get the quick finish before the bell sounds.

Round 3: Bobe comes out popping his jab with Kwiatowski landing a straight right that stops Bobe in his tracks, seemingly hurt. Kwiatowski looks to capitalize on his hurt opponent with some back and forth striking, further opening up Bobe in the heat of battle. In the midst of the fighters clinching, Bobe scoops Kwiatowski up and slams him to the mat, echoing throughout the 2300 Arena. Bobe quickly secures top position and postures up, where he looks to finish the bout with heavy ground and pound, but to no avail as this championship bout draws to a close.

Winner: Christian Bobe via Split Decision
(Judge A: 29-28 Bobe, Judge B: 29-28 Kwiatowski, Judge C: 29-28 Bobe)

Heavyweight: Chance Allen (261.2) vs Justin Haskell (265.4)

Round 1: Haskell opens the bout by feinting a kick but pulls back last second. Haskell follows in with a heavy lead leg kick. The fighters get distance and Haskell blitzes forward with a punch leading to a single kick. Allen presses forward with a punch combination and Haskell switches levels to get the bout to the floor. Allen gets top position with Haskell looking to secure the arm from the bottom. In a scramble, Haskell gets top position in the closing moments to end the round on top.

Round 2: Haskell leads with a rear body kick and follows with a lead body kick. Allen stays light on his toes circling and Haskell cracks Allen coming forward as the fighters clinch briefly towards the fence. Haskell continues forward getting Allen to the ground, landing in side control. Allen is attempting knees from the bottom, but Haskell stays consistent on the ground transitioning from searching for an arm, then would pop up and hammer fist Allens midsection with hulk-like power, sending vibrations throughout the arena. In the closing seconds, Haskell stands and the bell sounds.

Round 3: Haskell starts the round with two straight body kicks again. Allen looks to use his hands to piece his combinations together but Haskell ducks, switches levels and gets the bout to the ground, once again. Haskell fires body shots with Allen sitting against the cage…Then follows with more punishment to the body in the half guard position. In the closing moments, Haskell pounded on Allens body to secure the points and ultimately the win.

Winner: Justin Haskell via Unanimous Decision

160 lbs: Luis “Young King” Rivera (163 lbs) vs Nick Mimoso (161.6)

Round 1: Mimoso paws his jab several times for a quick feel. Rivera fires a body kick that Mimoso blocks and Mimoso marches forward with a punch combo of his own. Mimoso throws a kick intended for the body but slides its way up toward the head (Head kicks being illegal in PA amateur rules), which the referee gives Mimoso a verbal warning. The fight continued with Mimoso putting the pressure on Rivera, with a sense of re-establishing. It was a back and forth effort with waves of explosiveness from both fighters.

Round 2: Both fighters come out headhunting with relentless combinations to the head. A much faster paced start than all of last round. Mimoso closes the distance, pressing Rivera to the cage and putting his weight on him. While circling for his back, Mimoso searches for opportunities while staying tight on Rivera’s back while landing shots to open his Rivera up. With 10 seconds left in the round, Mimoso steps on the gas with his punches, adding up as the round closes.

Round 3: The action is slow to start with Mimoso engaging first, blitzing forward with straight punches. The fighters clinch, center cage and the fight hits the floor. Mimoso wastes no time wrapping up the neck with the guillotine and Rivera is forced to tap shortly, thereafter.

Winner: Nick Mimoso via Guillotine At 51 seconds into round 3

185 lbs: Matthew Slaughter (186.2) vs Quaddir Pratt (183.4)

Round 1: Neither fighter wastes time to start engaging. Pratt closes the distance quickly and scores a heavy slam and secures full mount on Slaughter that has the crowd erupting as loud as the initial slam. Pratt secures an arm as he looks for multiple submission attempts. He continues working on an arm until Slaughter is saved by the bell.

Round 2: Pratt presses forward from the bell and scoops Slaughter up for another heavy slam. This time, landing in side control and he goes to work looking for an arm, once again. Pratt gets full mount briefly, but Slaughter scrambles out and works his way back to his feet. Slaughter goes after Pratt with heavy punches but Pratt see’s the attack and changes levels quickly to secure the heavy dump, once again. Pratt looks to work on Slaughters arm again, searching for submissions. Slaughter scrambles to top position in Pratt’s guard where he they spent the closing moments of the round.

Round 3: Slaughter starts the round with a spinning back kick to the body. Pratt sizes up a heavy right hand and lets it loose, following in for another heavy slam, ending up in full mount. On top, Pratt goes to work hammering Slaughters body. They spent the better half of the last round with Pratt in full mount, hammering down to Slaughters body, scoring points to secure the round, and the fight.

Winner: Quaddir Pratt via Unanimous Decision.

115 lbs: Mariah Castro (118) vs Ashley Rohrback (115.4)

Round 1: Castro begins the contest throwing punches to the body with Rohrback looking to the keep the distance with a teep. Both fighters stay in the pocket and bang it out for the first few moments before they settle in their comfort zone, popping shots in and out with beautiful counters from both fighters. For each punch either landed flush it was only a matter of moments before the other returned fire. In a technical first round battle, both fighters landed clean punches and teeps in an overall competitive round.

Round 2: Rohrback starts the round popping her jab 2-3 times before committing to sticking it. Castro shows beautiful head movement working her way inside and under Rohrbacks jab to create her own openings. Toward the end of the round, Rohrback looked to keep it a boxing contest, flicking her jab out consistently. Castro looked to utilize her dirty boxing, pressing her opponent and asserting her offense as the second round bell sounded.

Round 3: Both fighters start this round aggressively throwing heavy body kicks back and forth. Both landing like heavy shots sounding off as if bombs were erupting. Rohrback gets her jab pumping and Castro looks to continue pushing the pace forward. The fighters clinch against the cage and Castro is able to score a trip, with Castro landing on top. Castro looks to score with some ground and pound to the body to close the contest.

Winner: Mariah Castro via Unanimous Decision

150 lbs: Bronson Love (152.6) vs Anthony Guzman (146.8)

Round 1: Neither fighter wastes time with a feeling out process and get straight to work. Love fires low with a leg kick and Guzman goes to the head, firing straight rights at will. Guzman lands flush several times, hurting Love and stopping him in his tracks. The fighters tie up with Guzman taking Loves back and dragging him to the floor. It wasn’t much longer that Guzman found the neck, followed by the hooks and it was a matter of seconds before Love was forced to tap.

Winner: Anthony Guzman via rear naked choke at 1:18 into round 1.

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