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Shedrick Goodridge on Andre Petroski at AOW 15: “My experience is going to be a major key into this fight”

Shedrick Goodridge has been there and done that in the world of mixed martial arts closing in on a decade now. From his first amateur bout in 2010, to his 19th professional bout taking place in just a few days at Art of War 15 for the middleweight world title, “Chocolate Thunder” has paid his share of dues to get where he is today in this ruthless sport. Alas, Goodridge is all smiles as he gets ready to take on Andre Petroski in the championship main event bout this Friday, December 13th at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA.

Goodridge has taken solace in knowing he has had “more time to focus” on his training camp and this bout in particular than previous camps. Noting he’s had a fantastic support team which has allowed him to stay in the gym when needed, and also fulfill his full time employment duties in a 24 hour fitness facility. In essence, most of Goodridge’s days are spent inside the gym in preparation to this bout.

Getting into the bout, Goodridge exclaimed, “At the end of the day, I have to make my game plan work”, he says about his opponent Andre Petroski. Pointing out Petroski’s wrestling caliber and having seen him through the wrestling circuit in previous years, Goodridge elaborates, “I feel like where I’m going to overly excel, is on our feet.”

Through the wins and losses, winning the Art of War middleweight title is a decade coming full circle for Goodridge as he expresses the idea of winning this title fight-

“It means a lot because at the end of the day, I’m a world champ! At the end of the day, all this hard work that I’ve been putting in…It pays off!” Following with, “No one comes into here to just coexist. You wanna be at the top of the game. So, I’ll be at the top of this organization and I’ll definitely be looking to defend.”

Speculating a prediction in the bout, Goodridge closes with – “I feel like he’ll definitely try to push the pace and I feel like I’m going to be able to wear him down…And I can see myself finishing this fight within 2 rounds!”

Tune in above as Shedrick “Chocolate Thunder” Goodridge and I go head to head in this pre fight interview before his middleweight Art Of War world championship bout with Andre Petroski.

Shedrick Goodridge on Andrei Petroski at AOW 15

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