Art Of War 9 Results - Live from the Spooky Nook - Kelly vs Suber

Art Of War 9 Results – Live from the Spooky Nook – Kelly vs Suber


Art Of War 9 Results - Live from the Spooky Nook - Kelly vs Suber

Art Of War, one of the fastest rising MMA promotions on the East Coast is back at it again this evening, packing out the Spooky Nook Sports Complex in Lancaster, PA.

Headlining tonight’s main event, Art of War veteran, Zak Kelly looks to take on Brandon Suber in a 165lb contest. Several other Lancaster natives are set to go to war as John Brennan is set to make his professional debut. The always exciting Blaine “Shutdown” Shutt steps back in the cage taking on Robert Walker III in a 125lb title bout.

Check out our live Art Of War 9 results below:

Zak Kelly vs Brandon Suber
Round 1
Kelly leads early with a leg kick and looks for the head kick early, narrowly missing twice. Suber rushes in with a punch combination but the taller Kelly avoids any damage and is able to keep his opponent at bay. Kelly picks up the pace in the middle of the round with a leg kick to head kick that connects flush, wobbling Suber that Kelly follows up with a solid punch combination until an accidental finger pokes Suber which causes a pause of the round to make sure Suber vision is cleared. The action resumes and Kelly looks to wake Suber head off with a spinning back fist which almost finds its mark, but to no avail. Suber is trying to break through Kelly’s defense but Kelly keeps it tight and pick his shots for the remainder of the round.

Round 2
The round behind and Kelly wastes no time landing a straight right down the pipe but follows with a Stockton slap to throw his opponent off. Kelly is outpointing Suber easily on the feet but with minimal action, more Kelly keeping his foe at bay to land when he chooses. Kelly shoots for a surprising takedown and starts to go to work on Suber on the ground. During a scramble, Suber is able to core the reversal but Kelly quickly recovers full guard. Suber postures up with ten seconds left and lands a heavy right hand to the grounded Kelly, but too little, too late as the round bell sounds.

At the end of the second round, the doctor calls a stop to this fight as Kelly injures (sources say) a bicep throwing a right hook.

Winner via TKO after round 2, Brandon Suber

Blaine Shutt vs Robert Walker III
Round 1
Walker leads with a thunderous leg kick as Shutt walks down his foe. Shutt throws a head kick but stumbles which gives Walker the opportunity to get a better position, but the experienced wrestler in Shutt, immediately dives in and secures a slam which sets the crowd into eruption. The fighters scramble as Walker looks for a heel hook but Shutt fends it off easily. The fighters continue to scramble and Walker again looks for the leg that Shutt also escapes and is able to scramble his way into a key lock to force the tap.
Winner – Blaine Shutt via key lock at 2:15 into round 1

Blaine Shutt - Photo by Lance Stein of LSS Photography
Blaine Shutt – Photo by Lance Stein of LSS Photography

Eugene Aubry vs Jake Kozorosky
Round 1
These fighters waste no time exchanging heavy hands for the first few moments of the fight. Both fighters finding their mark early, they separate for a split second, enough time for Aubrey to go airborne with a perfectly times flying knee which finds his mark and puts Kozorosky down, as Aubrey follows him down to the ground to finish the job in just 15 seconds.
Winner via KO 15 seconds into round 1, Eugene Aubrey

John Brennan vs Will Dill
Round 1
Brennan leads with a few leg kicks to find his distance. Dill presses forwar with some heavy strikes and a head kick to make Brennan feel his power early. After a right hand landed by Dill, Brennan looks to switch levels and shoots for the takedown which is thwarted off. Dill follows shortly after with some more heavy strikes hurting Brennan with Brennan diving in again looking for the advantage. Again, its defended well and Dill grabs a neck looking to take it home with him at the end of the very opening round.

Round 2.
Brennan fires some short shots to find his range but Dill dives in and is able to secure Brennans back again and looking for the neck, but Brennan fights it off well. Brennan resumes pawing at his opponent looking to find his range as Dill charges aggressively with power strikes with bad intentions behind every strike thrown. Brennan closes the distance and presses Dill against the cage, but Dill is able to defend it and secure his own takedown. Both fighters scramble on the ground trading positions until Brennan stands up and resumes center cage with both fighters breathing heavy. Brennan lands a head kick at the end of the round which backs up Dill as Brennan presses forward landing several punch to knee combos that has Dill backing up and Brennan letting loose on his hurt foe at the end of the round to close the round out.

Round 3
Brennan goes back to staying on the outside to try and pick his shots until Dill closes the distance and gets Brennan to the floor momentarily. The fighters pressed heavy against the fence, vying for position, circling until a halt to action. Several minutes pass and the fighters resume with Brennan pawing more shots and Dill throwing the heavier of the two. Brennan forces his opponent to the cage looking for several submission attempts. Dill is able to score the reversal as both fighters go back to a scramble. Brennan stands and scores points on the feet until Dill gains leverage for a heavy slam at the end of the round as this fights closing moments in an epic back and forth fight.

Winner via split decision, Will Dill

Ben Moser vs Avery Sanchis
Round 1
Moser opens with a teep kick to Sanchis mid section and immediately closes the distance looking for a takedown after. Moser lands in side control with Sanchis scrambling back to his feet and Sanchis firing strikes from behind. Sanchis picks Moser up and secures a heavy slam which echoes through the crowd. Moser scrambles and finds his way to his feet where the fighters separate and meet center cage. Moser lands another hard teep to the midsection and Sanchis closes the distance this time with Moser dragging him to the ground to end the round with Sanchis on top.

Round 2
Sanchis leads with a heavy leg kick and both fighters exchange center cage until clashing in the middle with Moser dragging Sanchis on top. Moser gets the top position and starts looking for the neck. Sanchis defends and Moser starts firing shots to the body. Sanchis scores the reversal and calls for Moser to stand up. Sanchis lands a hard straight shot dropping Moser in his tracks and Sanchis pounces, looking for the finish but is stopped by the bell.

Round 3 begins and Moser quickly takes the contest to the mat where he’s has most success. He secures full mount and fires shots to Sanchis, but Sanchis escapes through the back door and lands in Mosers full guard. Moser looks to raise his leg, threatening the triangle, but Sanchis bounces up to escape the threat. Both fighters scramble to the bell in a back and forth war which could very well be fight of the night.

Winner via unanimous decision, Avery Sanchis.

Ben Moser vs Avery Sanchis - Art of War 9 - Photo by Lance Stein of LSS Photography
Ben Moser vs Avery Sanchis – Art of War 9 – Photo by Lance Stein of LSS Photography

Trent Stump vs Jimmy Sandlin
Round 1
Both fighters touch gloves and go to work with Sandlin leading with a few pawing jabs, and Stump returning the favor. Theres a short feeling out process with Stump utilizing his kicks to find his distance. Sandlin times one of Stumps kicks and executes a flawless takedown. With a lack of action on the ground, referee Bill Bookwalter stands the fighters back up with Stump landing thudding kicks, with one accidentally landing to the head which causes a pause to the action. Upon resuming, both fighters clinch against the cage looking for the slightest distance for the advantage until the opening bell sounds.

Round 2
Stump opens the round with several body kicks until Sandlin, again, times one for the takedown and secures it with ease. Stump looks for a guillotine on the ground until both fighters scramble to their feet. Stump looks for a takedown himself and scores what he’s looking for and works for position for the rear naked choke. Stump holds the choke to close the round.

Round 3
Sandlin looks for the takedown early and gets caught in a standing guillotine momentarily until his momentum forward gives him the leverage to press his foe against the cage for a better grip and score the dump. Both fighters scramble to their fight with fatigue looking to set in for both. Sandlin shoots for a lazy takedown which Stump sees coming and stuffs, working for an inverted triangle to close the round.

Winner via unanimous decision, Trent Stump

Jace Kendle vs Noel Irizarry
Round 1
Kendle starts the contest with some jab-straight combinations, working his way into the clinch where Kendle scores little before they separate and Irizarry starts finding his own striking. Both fighters trade back and forth with Kendle shooting in at the final moments and Irizarry looking for the guillotine to close the round.

Round 2
Both fighters engage with heavy hands with neither man backing down until Kendle lands a right hook which takes a second but stuns Irizarry and Kendle punches on his hurt opponent smelling blood in the water. Kendle reigns strikes to the body but shortly after a lack of action, referee, Jimmy Chappel stands them up at the end of the round with minimal action.

Round 3
Each fighter seems content to stand and bang it out as they both exchange straight punches upstairs for the better of the first minute. Irizarry finally closing the distance and looking for the takedown but its fended off from Kendle and Kendle shoots for a takedown, himself with 10 seconds left in the round.

Winner via Unanimous decision and super lightweight champion, Jace Kendle

Christian Carr vs Steve Calero
Round 1
Both fighters tough gloves and Carr tarts with some vicious striking from the gate. Carr takes the bout to the ground and it was a ground clinic from that point forward. Switching from submission to submission on the mat working from rear naked choke to arm bar, it seemed as if Calero would tap several times. But the round ended with Carr in control.

Round 2
Both fighters clash in the middle with Calero looking for a guilotine but Carr fended it off with a heavy slam landing him in side control. The majority of the round is spent on the mat with Carr in control with Calero looking to get back to his feet at the very end of round 2.

Round 3
Calero has Carr pressed against the cage with some short strikes thrown from both fighters. Carr circles and secures the takedown where most of the round takes place and while strikes to the side of Carr to close the round.
Winner via Unanimous Decision Christian Carr

Tanner Lead v Sean Glass
Both fighters meet in the middle exchanging heavy leather quickly. Glass tries to keep distance with his reach, utilizing his jab and leg kicks.
Glass looks for the takedown and secures it, landing in full guard and trying to advance but Teed is quick to defend any efforts of passing as the round closes with Glass on top.

Round 2
Glass leads with a straight right and is using his reach well until fed finds a way inside and secures the Thai clinch, firing away with knees. Glass secures a takedown and works on top with strikes to the body to close out round 2.

Round 3
Glass keeps his distance utilizing his reach until Leed shoots for a takedown but lands in glass’ guard where they battled on the ground back and forth with scrambles until time expired

Winner via 30-27 Sean glass

Grant Swift vs Steffen Yaskoweak
Round 1
Both fighters clash in the middle with Yaskoweak taking control of the standup early with laser precise striking, backing of Swift to the cage where Yaskoweak secured a standing guillotine, lifting Swift clear off the ground forcing the stoppage.

Winner: Steffen Yaskoweak 34 second via submission (Standing guillotine)

Josh Carr vs John Jones
Round 1
Carr leads the round off with some solid jabs that find their mark early. Both fighters clash in the middle of the cage with heavy leather. Car shoots for a takedown and fins himself in control early with a Kimora attempt. It’s thwarted off and Jones finds himself on top as the two scramble. After some back and forth on the ground, the round finishes with Carr on top.

Round 2
Carr starts off the round with some stiff jabs followed by a straight right that drops Jones in his tracks and Carr pounces on him looking to finish the job vying for a rear naked choke which he secures to end the contest early in the round.

Winner: Josh Carr 42 seconds of round 2 via Rear naked choke

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