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B.J. Penn caught fighting strip club bouncer, police arrive

B.J. Penn is picking fights outside of the octagon.

The UFC Hall of Famer fought a bouncer at the Club Femme Nu strip club in Honolulu, Hawaii on Monday night, June 24. TMZ reported on the incident first and released a video.

The owner of the club told TMZ Penn was removed from the bar. The owner described the professional fighter as “very drunk.”

Penn is seen shirtless on top of the bouncer. The 40-year-old threw a number of punches from the top position and held down the bouncer with his knee.

In the video, a man in a blank tank top pushes the 40-year-old Penn and lands two right hands to the head.

Several witnesses stood by and watched “The Prodigy” dominate the much larger man. Penn refused to get off the man despite a number of spectators asking him to let the bouncer up.

According to TMZ, several officers arrived at the scene after Penn left the area of the strip club. The Honolulu Police Department told Mymmanews.com no arrests were made yet.  

Penn lost his last seven fights inside the octagon. His most recent defeat is a unanimous decision loss to Clay Guida at UFC 237 on May 11. 

Penn could not be reached for comment.


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